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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long weekend...

We are still feeling the LOVE from Kansas City to London...

Here is a card from Sydney, Australia (Kelly's Place Children Centre)

Mason received a COCONUT from Hawaii on Saturday!! Everyone helped drill the holes and had fun trying fresh coconut. It was delicious!!!

Mason was honored to receive a signed KU basketball. Even more honored to surprise dad on his birthday.

What a weekend. Ally is feeling much better tonight after a nasty virus, that caused horrible tummy cramps. Mason is starting to become more and more frustrated with his physical challenges and headache pain in the evening. Mom is trying very hard to keep up and balance the family. Ice cream sundaes, coconut, and Legos seemed to add a few smiles. Mason's feet need to be elevated. Pain in his feet may be the start of neuropathy. (damage to the nerves) We are all ready to start a new week.
We had some time to read the Valentines from John Diemer Elementary, Overland Park, KS and some from Prince of Peace Catholic School in Olathe, KS. We also received some from Salina High School, KS (thanks so much) Smiles. I am cuddling with the family as we watch Alpha and Omega.


Brandie said...

Love you guys!!! Happy Birthday Eddie!! Keeping you in my heart and prayers as always!

Brandie said...

I meant to say "keeping you ALL in my heart and prayers as always!" :) Oops- slight typo! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Eddie. Mason, Its great to see you in all the KU gear. Go Hawks! Hope this week beats the last.

Mónica Martins said...

Hello Mason and Andria!
I've sent you some postcards from Lisbon - Portugal, you are probably receiving them anytime soon this week! Please let me know when you do, I'm very anxious ^^