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Monday, February 28, 2011

Brick by brick...

It was a quiet weekend. Dad played Legos with the boys. We watched Megamind twice. Mom got some errands done and even got Ally's spring wardrobe unpacked and organized. A weekend of productivity. As the boys organized mixed up Lego kits. Mason is sitting here now finishing a kit; brick by brick. We all had a great weekend at home. After Maverick questioned the oxygen machine; Mason asked for it to be removed from the living room. "Mom I don't need it." But, his heavy breathing at night keeps me wondering. I don't know what to think as March approaches. Last year the end of March; the headaches began. What a journey. Almost a year; a year forever changing our lives. Cherishing smiles more than ever.

As Mason does not wish to stop steroids after realizing headaches and other symptoms will occur. There are more important things then appearance. We learn something everyday.
And there are some things, no matter how hard we try; we can not control.

Still counting Valentines and cards...

An awesome handmade Valentine from Peculiar, MO

More international postcards from India, Chile, Australia, Germany and a Philippines card mailed from China.

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Jessica J. said...

You and your beautiful family are in my prayers every day.