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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our heart's melting from all the LOVE

Yesterday, Maverick spotted this heart shaped creation while playing in the melting snow.
Our hearts continue to melt from all the support and encouragement.

Mason received cards from Willis Elementary, FL; LomaLinda University Church, CA; Lewis Family Dental, Lincoln, NE. A Construction hat, cap, and rocks from Ames Construction in Draper, Utah; a tiger a shirt from Valley Springs Tigers in AR; and a hat from KU Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Hope and Inspiration; it's what gets us through, a student at Willis Elementary wrote, "Mason I know you are amazing and brave. I want to be the person to cure cancer. All cancers!" Including yours. You inspired me to."
It's cards like that prove what amazing world we live in. So many words of HOPE. May the chain of love continue to spread, and awareness never stop.

The Brad Kaminsky Foundation for Brain Tumor Research sent cards of Hope and support.

A kind customer left pencils and supplies at "The Little Shop of Crafts" in NYC, so customers could make cards. This made my HEART pound!!

A family in Idaho shared some LOVE, we enjoyed the beauty of Northern Idaho and can't wait to sink our teeth into some Wild Huckleberry Taffy!!

Cards that made us Smile. Miss Missouri Teen USA Sydney, asked Mason to be his Valentine.

More smiles. The card in the middle reads" Enjoy the Moment" And we laughed at the Tree, "Wood you be my Valentine?"

International cards from Valentine's Day!! We received 25 pieces of International mail.
Cards from Canada, Jr. Torch Club in Germany, Costa Rica, Quatar, France, and 2 from Kyrgyzstan (Thanks Jack (Bishkek) and the U.S. Army from Mannas, Kyrgystan)

More International cards from Australia, Peru, Japan, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Austria and Scotland. The castle in the middle is Glasgow University in Scotland.

International cards from the 15th from Spain, Canada, China, Australia, and Afghanistan

We still have some cards to read, a tub of 1,152 Valentines still waits to be cherished. Like Maverick said, it is AMAZING; people taking time to send a card. Thank you everyone for taking your time to full our day with smiles.


Amy said...

How observant of Maverick to find that heart in the melting snow. So nice. And yet another amazing Valentine day, even after Valentine's day is over! I hope Mason is feeling well. Thanks again for another exciting Valentine update on the blog! ♥

Anonymous said...

The heart in the snow says it all......love is everywhere, even where you least expect it....What's the next project???

Anonymous said...

There is a new project...not sure if the family is aware of it yet...Since green is Masons favorite color and St. Patty's Day is right around the corner...we are going to start sending green items to say "How Lucky we are to know Mason"

Anonymous said...

I like the new project!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect, project. Love It! So true, we are lucky to know Mason. Forever, will remember 6/21.

Brandie said...

The new project sounds awesome!!! :)

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