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To help fulfill Mason's dream and help the Tigers:
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Elves of Christmas Present PO Box 3535
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Thursday!

Just got back from dropping the boys off at school. They are faster than me, they have decided to race their scooters to school. When I got home Mason left me a message to remind me about Service Club after school. After school Maverick enjoys the fun of a magnifying glass, and the sun's heat! He may go in business soon. And for once the house is getting back in order. It's Thursday a great day to start thinking about the weekend........and is tomorrow really October? Guess it's time to get ready for pumpkins, hayrides, cooler days and Chiefs football. Ally has her backpack and tugging at me to go to preschool. We are off.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A punch in the stomach

Mason stayed home from school for the first time, he is feeling better. Stomach pain yesterday, not sure why. He explained it felt like someone was punching him in the stomach all day. All I could think about was the pills he had to swallow. He still hates to drink water--Nothing seems to satisfy his thirst. Believe me I tried it all, chocolate milk and Coke seem to be his favorite.
I thought I'd share a poem about Chemo, I wrote awhile ago...nothing more to add. We are keeping busy this month adding fun to our weekends and enjoying laughter when it jumps in!

What's the name of the pill?
Hoping cancer, it will kill.
The purple pill so gross.
Ready for the next dose.
Pills too toxic to touch,
14 are ever so much.
My son, I do admire.
Oh, the pills you require!
You are so strong,
Cancer is so wrong.
Finish your dose, just try!!
Too hard to explain; why?
One thing I assure,
I will fight for a cure
My anger is like a beast,
This pain will never cease.
This my son, so unjust,
In God we must trust.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Eat at Chili's TODAY!!!

Today is the day to eat at Chili's nationwide. All proceeds got to St. Jude.
Go to www.createapepper.com for more information!! Help the kids at St. Jude! For all the kids that have walked through the doors at the Chili's Care Center and for those that will continue to walk through the doors. So thankful for CHILI'S and ST. JUDE!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thank You for a Wonderful Parade

What an AMAZING parade!! Thank you Overland Park for helping us spread awareness. But most important thank you everyone for participating and watching!!! What an AWESOME group of friends and family. So much love and support!! Mason is still smiling! And the fact that so many asked, "When's the next the event?" Or what else can we do? We send a million thanks right now. Just knowing we have your support is a gift we hold close to our heart. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spetember 25 Countdown to Parade

It's almost Saturday!! We are extremely busy getting ready for the parade. We are going to be in line by 9 am! Parking is going to be crazy, so please come early, and carpool if possible. We are busy, busy!! Mason is feeling good and going to school all day. His stomach is the only thing that seems to bother him in the evening. Thanks for all the support, candy, etc. We are going to turn Overland Park GOLD on Saturday!! Thanks everyone. And there are so many THANK YOU's!! So a giant hug to you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Day of Summer

Wow! What a summer! I really don't have a favorite time of year. There is something to treasure in every season. But I do have to say it is hard saying good-bye to summer. Packed full of precious memories, it is a summer forever etched in my mind. Thank you for being a part of our summer, without friends and family to share our memories it wouldn't have been the same. Now if time would stand still.......

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are Aware!

Check out the awesome T-shirt!! We are gearing up for an incredible parade next weekend. September 25-at 10 am, downtown Overland Park! Thank you to everyone that has joined Mason's Childhood Cancer awareness crew. It is all coming together with lots of love. Thank you for the candy too, we are still collecting. And it is not too late to join our parade. We welcome everyone!! If you can't walk/ride on float with us, please come out and show your support. The Fall Festival is also going on and it is always fun to see the latest arts and crafts. We are having a relaxing weekend, organizing and preparing the float. And don't forget to visit any Chili's nationwide on September 27th to support St. Jude.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No sleep tonight.....

We are home. And I wish with all my might that I was a magician or could whip up something wonderful to say. Sure it is great news, the tumor slightly improved and then....the facts . It is still there. No more treatment. Where is a crystal ball? Or words to say? Tonight, I don't carry lucky pennies, or wish on falling stars, I pray the Lord......

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spreading Awareness

Parade Plans are going great! The downtown Overland Park Parade is at 10 am September 25. If you are in the KC area, you can stop by and cheer us on. We are thrilled to have so much community support! Chili's on 119th and Metcalf is joining our parade. They are promoting St. Jude Day, September 27-100% profits will go directly to St. Jude that day. Speaking of St. Jude we are headed to Memphis on Sunday, it is MRI time on Tuesday, the 14th. The MRI will be at the Chili's Care Center. Please keep Mason in your thoughts and prayers as this is a very important MRI. Thank you everyone for the support! Bob Allen Ford is supplying a truck to pull the trailer. We are currently collecting wrapped candy to pass out too. So thankful to spread awareness about Childhood Cancer. Be aware, know the facts. www.lovechloefoundation.org. Mason sure keeps us aware every month, not just September.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Parade Plans are underway

Could it be the last box of Chemo? The last round of Chemo arrived. Mason started on Sunday(due to weight loss only 12 pills a day instead of 14). We had a relaxing weekend! Mason had some tired moments but perked up and actually started eating more. Parade plans are in full swing as we are gearing up to spread Childhood Cancer awareness! Can't wait for the Overland Park Downtown Fall Festival, September 25. We have 40 participants and the number keeps climbing. We have a Mustang convertible and trailer for the float. We are searching for a truck to pull the trailer. If you would like to participate/help just send us an email. Both boys are helping in the planning and are excited about handing out awareness fliers and candy.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Along comes a rainbow

I am thankful it is Friday!! This has been quite an amazing week. Most importantly, Mason is really enjoying school, friends and being a kid. Feeling blessed for a week of play dates and friends bringing lunch. Thanks for keeping me on my toes everyone. Mason had a week with no Chemo, food intake is minimal, loads on my mind. But then, along comes someone to spread a smile. Mason has talked about a celebration after his final 2 weeks of Chemo. Power Play in Shawnee is making this possible. I am still overwhelmed by the power of love. We celebrate each day we can. The strength from family and friends fills our heart with hope. Thank you everyone for following our journey. A tiring and emotional week for mom and along comes a rainbow.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

It’s September, are you aware?

For cancer you can not prepare

It can grab your children, beware.

Living in its nightmare,

Forgive me if I swear,

Why? Inoperable and RARE!

I gasp, as I breathe the air.

You don’t have to stare,

Help fight, do you dare?

Take a stand! Show you care!

Help find a cure, it’s out there!

Childhood Cancer, are you aware?

by Andria Kempf