KC Zoo Tiger Donation

To help fulfill Mason's dream and help the Tigers:
KC Zoo Attn Laura Berger "In Memory of Mason Kempf" 6800 Zoo Dr Kansas City, MO 64132

For the beauty of Snow and Magic on Christmas :
Elves of Christmas Present PO Box 3535
Olathe, KS 66063

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ready for February...

It's Kansas Day for the 4th graders.  I'm excited to be volunteering at Maverick's school today.  Square dancing, crafts, spelling bee and a home-cooked feast for all.  Looking forward to a fun day and hoping I have something fun to wear. Searching for a straw hat or bonnet.

February is just around the corner. On Wednesday, we celebrate Maverick's 10th birthday!
(he requested a simple party at home this year)

 Ideas are brewing!! Time to spread some joy with all the Valentines Day cards we saved, we are ready to cut and paste and make new cards.  We will be sure to share the fun!

 We are also excited to invite everyone to the auction below.  Thank you Alpha Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa for selecting St. Jude. Words can not express the gratitude, our family will always have towards St. Jude.   Finding cures and saving lives.
Everyone's invited to a special event; a silent auction to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital sponsored by Alpha Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa on Wednesday, February 8 at Merriam Park Elementary School 6100 Mastin Merriam, Kansas (just west of 1-35 and Shawnee Mission Parkway) Silent Auction 5 p.m. and Live Auction at 6 p.m. Please spread the word.
Auction to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A guest at the table...

January, Oh January.  You have been rough on us all.  2012 has also been a time to open up and welcome grief into our lives.  That sounds weird, but grief is so tricky... It's been around for so long, but it's time to deal with it.  Grief has been tangled inside; it is amazing how much we can store inside; eventually it explodes within us.   I have realized; I can not read other stories or blogs or comment on others experiencing the same.  Yes, I am too sensitive and have yet to properly address my own grief.   I feel better admitting this, this is my first big step.  The blog has helped me so much, even all the posts never posted; it is my healing, our family's steps.

We had a wonderful get-away Friday night to the Overland Park Sheraton, we finally took advantage of a gift card.  The kids went with us, it was after all a Junior Suite, movies, and pool.  I wouldn't want it any other way. We had a some great family time.  It was a long 2.9 mile drive to the hotel in which we had just enough time to order pizza.  We were very impressed and highly recommend the OP Sheraton.  Its friendly service, and all its accommodations, it was a vacation...it was wonderful.    We are all hibernating the rest of the weekend, as Ally's cold got the best of her and we've all had quite the week.

 It is amazing how in 30 days the green latex balloon has spoke to us.  Landing in various spots around the house, on Friday landing next to "You are my Sunshine" sign.  Yesterday, the green balloon finally started to descend, it was floating and Ally batted it in the air  and it floated around again. Later, I found it resting as a guest at the table.  This morning it is resting in the same spot in the seat of the chair.    A perfect spot.  (I believe, Mason controlled its every move.)

  As we left the doctor's office Saturday, I snapped a heart Maverick drew, inside the hand the words, "Hope, Love, Courage, and Family"  Words of encouragement straight to our hearts. A family logo.  Maverick painted a similar design on a plate for the Make-a-Wish ® Gala, with a green hand print and blue heart.

Today is a Wiscurzoo stuffing and sewing day in reverse order.  We have not predicted any football teams Wiscurzoo style, as the Bronco and Packer Wiscurzoo failed.    Smiles to everyone. Maybe there is a reason we couldn't  find any 49ers, NY Giants or Patriots material.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thank you!

Maverick had an awesome day yesterday!! Marilyn from Venture Crew sold ALL 60  Wiscurzoos to Pack 3193!! Maverick was speechless!! Our family can't stop smiling and Maverick is excited about the opportunities ahead.  Thank you Marilyn!!  Have a Wiscurzoo day.  Be on the look out for a Green Bay Packer Wiscurzoo. Thanks for all your support; as Wiscurzoos remain  Chili Pepper "Hot" in 2012! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow and the green balloon...

It's Friday. Maverick smiled yesterday with all the SNOW, and I really didn't pay attention, but he is right our yard is covered with Snow; the rest of the neighbors yards' a dusting. The cold temperature didn't bother him at all, I couldn't get him to come inside yesterday. The snow was a gift.  And the green latex balloon filled with LOVE is still floating above. Day 20. 

This Saturday Wiscurzoos are on Sale at a local Pinewood Derby. So many reasons to smile this morning. Thanks for all the support, January-with the start of the new year; sure hasn't been easy but we continue to feel the hugs all around.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still here

No new website for now.  The good news; we are all staying busy.    As for now, Maverick is busy with school, and being a kid.  With warmer temperatures it's been bike rides, and outdoor fun. Forts out of dried leaves instead of snow!  Wiscurzoos are still being stitched, and orders are steady.  So far it's been just right.  Dad cuts the patterns, Maverick sews and mom stitches the final closure. (We all stuff at times)  Our own Wiscurzoo factory.  Maverick has a spot just for sewing and creating in the family/play room.  It's a family activity.  Ally sometimes begs for a new one.  Her favorite; the very first tattered Wiscurzoo; her Gummi Bear. I am almost certain when baseball starts in the Spring; Wiscurzoos will be on hold.  With that in mind, Maverick has decided any sales in 2012 will be divided between the 3 causes evenly. 
Thank you for all your support and kind words.  I will keep posting on this site.
 The green balloon still floats above after 19 days. The first night out in the cold on Christmas Eve. It boggles my mind, a reminder of  strength.  Think it's time to go back to bed. Ally's cough woke me,  then Rex had to go outside, and here I am.
Last night, just before night time prayer, Ally whispered, " Mason told me, "Ally, Mason and Maverick are very special and I love you."  He told me when he was still alive." Frozen, I asked her to repeat.  She repeated and then  started with her nightly prayer.   A sigh to my heart; a moment to reflect.
What I want my kids to always know; how special they are.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Blog address soon

It's  a New Year!!  And Maverick is wanting a site to post all his Wiscurzoos and up coming events.  With that being said I think it is time to shift gears; the Mason Arik site will soon end and a new blog for Maverick, with events updated on his site and the Make a Difference for Mason FB site.
I have many posts that were never shared, someday I hope to piece Mason's journey together in a book.    Thank you for all the incredible support and please keep checking in as a new blog site will be revealed soon.  I hope all followers will continue to follow Maverick's site.  Thanks again.

The green latex balloon from Christmas Eve still floats above.

This is not a good-bye; it is a new start.  Mason will always be in our heart.  What better day to post than on the 9th day of January.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Wiscurzoo at a time...

  Wiscurzoos are leading us into the new year!
The New Year brings a new cause for the Wiscurzoo.  Every 4 months the Wiscurzoo will support one of its 3 causes. (The causes from its name.)  It was a simple math problem;  12 divided by 3=4.

September-December : Make-a-Wish®
January-April: KC Zoo Tiger Fund
May-August :Cure for Cancer (TBA)

A Cure for Cancer remains challenging; being at the top of our list and SO important!!  This was Mason vision and fight; what he wanted most of all! The Hope for a cure gave him strength and courage to fight.  We will NEVER give up on the battle for a cure.  There are so many organizations; St. Jude Research Hospital, Cure Starts Now, Head for the Cure, and many others.
We just want a CURE!!  Want? I mean NEED!!!  You know what I thought at the start of the year?  How many other families this year will get the news.  The news their child has cancer.  It is the most horrific news I've ever had to hear.  The no cure lives with me everyday. It is the most helpless crippling experience.  I am forever haunted until a cure is found. 

  Maverick is in full swing for new production of Wiscurzoos.  His creativity is on fire.  He even has noses to try on a few.  He continues to keep busy, at the end of the month he has the Make-a-Wish® Gala.  He also has been asked to be a guest speaker at a Quilter's club in February.  With another opportunity in Topeka. Who knows where they will travel next or how long the creative streak will last.  It's been an absolute blessing to see the smiles, generosity and healing powers Wiscurzoos have brought. They were truly a magical part of our holiday.
Thank you everyone for your support...together we are making a difference.
Making a difference, one Wiscurzoo at a time.