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Sunday, February 6, 2011


What a Saturday!! Still in awe over the excitement. Mason's biggest Valentine was hand-delivered by the Overland Park Mayor with over 100 signatures. And then the biggest surprise, Mason received the key to Overland Park. Mason's most prized possession. We are so proud to live in Overland Park!!

The excitement never seemed to stop, Mason received WYOMING and VERMONT (above) yesterday. MASON DID IT, thanks to all of YOU!!! All 50 States by February 5!!! The smiles from our mailbox are absolutely amazing!! Mason truly looks forward to hearing from everyone all over the country and world.

Above: Cards from the most awesome doctors and nurses from here at home and St. Jude.

Here are some Valentines from the coolest school in Michigan; Washington Elementary in Bessemer. We learned a new word, Yooper-someone from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Above: a Valentine from Mason's favorite team on Ice the Missouri Mavericks!!

Cards from all over the world!! A postcard from New Zealand. A card celebrating the Chinese New Year, the year of the Rabbit from Taiwan. A card from Germany, Did you know pigs represent good luck in Germany? Mason was honored to receive 2 very special cards from heroes, Chief Warrant Officer serving in Kirkuk, Iraq and a Staff Sergeant stationed at Camp Black horse in Kabul, Afghanistan. Thank you for serving our country and bringing smiles across the miles.

I can't forget, Mimi found the plastic baby! (Below) She was beyond surprised as she bit into the plastic baby; not knowing its existence. She is the official King and shall now purchase the next King cake!!

As promised, I will post Super Bowl pictures. Some Pittsburgh Steelers Fans have prepared Mason for STEELERS Day!!! We are ready with our official Terrible Towel; we believe in its powerful force.

God bless everyone. Our family is completely overwhelmed and at a loss of words. Joy continues to over fill our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Mason, I have never known anyone who had the key to their city. What an honor! Could not think of anyone better than you. It sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. I hope you have a blast during the SuperBowl although I am not cheering for the Steelers, I hope you get all riled up when the Packers pound on your team. Love you.

Amy said...

As I have told you many times...thank you for the great updates. There is so much wonderful energy in your Valentine stories. So awesome that all 50 states are accounted for now!
What a big day yesterday for Mason, the key to the city, shopping in Brookside, all those Valentine wishes...and another fun day in store for today. I hope Mason is feeling well, headache and stomach ache free these days.
What is the total Valentine count? Can you even keep track anymore? When you get a whole bunch from a class, is that one Valentine or 25(or whatever the count is) Valentines?
It boggle my mind!

The Kempf Family said...

Thanks Amy. Can you believe 694 pieces of mail. And we count only the envelopes. We have had so many schools and organizations, that it would be too overwhelming to count each one. But Mason reads each one. Have a great day!

Brandie said...

I have no words...... Just tears of joy! What an amazing city we live in- and blessed to have Mason hold the key to it! :) Hugs and love your way from Flint St. PROUD supporters of the Pittsburg Steelers since 1984 (when Patrick got his first Steelers uniform!). Our terrible towels are ready and we solute them to you! :) Enjoy the game today!! Love you guys!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So excited to learn that you now have valentines from all fifty states!!! That is awesome!!!

I hope that you enjoyed watching superbowl -- even thought your team lost and my team won (smile). Go Green Bay!

Here's to a happy and feel good week!


Anonymous said...

YAY all 50 states!!! GO Mason!!!!!!!!!!! Maverick and Eddie - WOW What an amazing igloo! GO Kempf family

Jordyn Rumsey said...

Mason...all of us here in Washington County School are wishing you the best of luck! We alll love you!!(: