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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Plowing through another day...

Friday morning, Mason and Maverick were absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to ride in a Snow Plow. Thank you City of Overland Park!! Mason's smile was priceless and he truly felt like a King.

Speaking of kings.....

Mason received a Manny Randazzo King Cake from our new friends in Covington, Louisiana!!

We each had a slice of this delicious cake, maybe tomorrow one of us will find that hidden plastic baby. Thanks for sharing some FUN and history of the King Cake. Mardi Gras begins March 8th this year!!

Along with the cake above, Mason received 83 pieces of mail yesterday, one hand delivery from Girl Scouts in Easton, KS. He received 2 postcards from China, and a birthday card from Australia. Our first woodpecker card pictured below reminded us of spring and the woodpecker who used our eaves for drumming. We all shared a laugh from the cat card below; thanks Cricket from Illinois. Here is a fun statistic-- Mason has received 80 cards with pictures of dogs, and just 14 with cats. We have a new card with the most signatures- 58 from Calvary's Praise Generation Choir. Florida is in 3rd place with 29 pieces of mail. Mason even received a birthday card from Central Florida Regional Hospital. Mason's packages from the "Pittsburgh Steelers Gang" brought a huge smile! He is officially ready for Super Bowl and I can't wait to post pictures tomorrow!! Thank you for making his Super Bowl so Fun!! Go Steelers!! Pittsburgh Steelers Fans are AWESOME!!

Thank you Weatherford, OK for the beautiful Tie Dye Shirt. The shirt shouts out: A reminder of why I started this blog. Reality is hard, as we witness Mason's battle each day. When he cries hunger all day and now boredom because, lying around is boring. And hearing the kids outside dodging snowballs, while he struggles to get up. He grabs for a hat whenever someone stops by, a shield, even with his beautiful brown hair. Some days better than others, as we cherish the good days. Below, a card from Livingston, TX from a mom who understands the battle we endure. It is through the eyes of others that we fight for HOPE everyday. As Maverick fell asleep last night, we both heard a change in Mason's breathing. Maverick whispered to me, "Mom we have to cling on to Hope, we have nothing without it."


Anonymous said...

Oh Maverick, this whole experience makes you wiser than most your age. Not fair all you have faced this past year and for the years ahead. HOPE!!
Thanks for letting us into your most personal moments throughout Masons battle. Hear all our prayers! Feel all the love! Believe in Him!

Amy said...

Thank you, Andria. I hope each day for Mason...for smiles, and comfort, and fun and for a miracle. ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow, so exciting to ride in a snowplow. We just wish one would find our street in Springfield, MO. Looking forward to your Super Bowl post. My husband is cheering for the Packers, so I will have to quietly cheer for the Steelers....shhhhhhhhh. Smiles and prayers.