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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day...

WOW!! WOW!! You ROCK!! A total of 1585 pieces of mail since January 28th. Thank you everyone for sending well wishes and Valentines to Mason. Can you believe 265 pieces of mail today? (We still have International mail to read tomorrow) It is so hard for me to share all the LOVE!! As each Valentine is special in its own way. The most heartwarming package arrived from Prescription Solutions in CA; a favorite Christmas ornament; kids sending their favorite toys, candy, stuffed animals, even a Star Wars Build a Bear, kites, cards, and Legos. Mason smiled from ear to ear as he enjoyed the SURPRISE box. Cards arrived from Mexico from the Crayola Factory.
Mason received lots of cards from his new friends at Hallmark Cards. They really like his collecting cards idea.
One of his most prize possessions; an Elf hat, sent from an Elf that helped bring him snow at Christmas. The magic continues...

A retired Marine sent U.S Marine hat, coin and stickers, with a very special card. A group from Heartmade Blessings sent a beautiful afghan created from 12 different states.

Handmade cards from best friends today and surprises filling our mail tub out front. Thanks for making this Valentines Day the most memorable EVER!! Thanks to the town of Washington, Kansas for sending lots of love our way. It is amazing; from small towns to across the World . Mason is feeling your LOVE and strength. His motto Live, Laugh, Love... Thanks everyone for showing him how much LOVE is in our world. Goosebumps continue to run down my back.. And as I end the night a BOX full of 1,152 Valentines just dropped off at the door with a card, "Mason you have changed my life forever". Those words ring in my ear. "Mason you have changed my life forever."

Above an adorable turtle and cool card; And a handmade card from a close friend.

Cards arrived from First Baptist Church Greenwood, SC; B'nai Jedduah Preschool Overland Park, KS ; New Hope Pathfinders in Santa Ana, CA; Osage Co. R-III Westphalia, MO; Oakland Park Elementary, FL; Drakesville Elementary, Herdon, VA; South Holt R-1 Oregon, MO; Girl Scouts Troop Ridgway PA; Girl Scouts Troop 41478 in Midway, NC; Physical Therapy students from Remington College in Ohio; Richardson Elementary Minnesota; Irving Elementary Wichita, KS; Newark Methodist Preschool, Newwark, DE; Brookside Elementary, Nicholasville, KY; Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA; Cure of Ars, Leawood,KS, and King of Kings Lutheran Church in Gardner, KS. (Thanks Rose our postcard sender)
From CT, a tin full of Hershey chocolates; he LOVES chocolate; and from Hawaii, a box of Chocolate covered macadamias. ( I hope he lets me try one) Roses from GA, Books signed by authors: The Left Handed Backward Book by Kelly Kinsolving and Purrlock Holmes by Betty Sleep.

Happy Valentines Day Tiger, sleep well.
A little blue bird shared this tonight, "May every day be filled with hope, And nights with peaceful sleep; May happiness be yours to hold; May love be yours to keep! This we wish to you!


Brandie said...

What an incredbile world we live in. So much love and support for a child that has helped us all see the world for all it holds. I heard a phrase the other day that made me really stop and think- "There are two ways to live life- live as though nothing is a gift, or live as though Everthing is a gift". Very simple, you have made us realize that everything is a gift. You opened our eyes Andria. All with the stroke of your keyboard- by telling us all about how Mason sees, thinks, feels and does, about how you feel and what you do, about Maverick and Eddie, and funny things Ally says. It all has shown us that the little things in life are gifts too- we can choose to stress about them, or we can embrace and run with them. I feel like we have all gained a new appreciation for life because we can see the beauty in it all around us now. You have forever changed the way people see kids that are sick or need help- people may continue to pay it forward for others because they see how it really touches someone's life. All because of you. Have a wonderful day. Have a day with lots of smiles, love and endless giggles. Love and hugs to you guys!

Anonymous said...

Nice post Brandie - there's not much to add to that.

Amy said...

Thank you, Brandie, for your lovely comments to Andria and family...you said it all, and all so well.
Andria, I was really excited to be there yesterday when the mailman came! Good timing on my part for a little visit. I hope today, the day after Valentine's Day, still brings a whole bunch more greetings.
How was the heart shaped pizza for dinner? And I hope you cut into that heart shaped candy box cake for dessert! ♥♥

Anonymous said...

Andria you are truly an amazing women to open your home and heart with the world. Brandie said it all. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this journey with you, mason and the rest of your family. We are the ones blessed to be a part of all this. Love to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are the ones that sent the box from Washington Ks. Reading that your motto is Live, Laugh, Love is so great My wife has that hanging in our bedroom.
You and your family are amazing.. Hang tough big guy! We praying for you.
Leon Rumsey
p.s. Hope the shirt fits!!!!