KC Zoo Tiger Donation

To help fulfill Mason's dream and help the Tigers:
KC Zoo Attn Laura Berger "In Memory of Mason Kempf" 6800 Zoo Dr Kansas City, MO 64132

For the beauty of Snow and Magic on Christmas :
Elves of Christmas Present PO Box 3535
Olathe, KS 66063

Friday, October 29, 2010

Make a Wish

What a wonderful lunch today! We just left a luncheon for Make a Wish volunteers and sponsors. We were honored to be there along with other wish families. What a good feeling inside, we are so THANKFUL for Make a Wish that words can not express. Barry Hinson, KU assistant basketball coach delivered an awe- inspiring speech today. We remember, "It's Not about You" those powerful words. We have been touched by so many friends and family; who focus on making others happy. Today I am left feeling full of passion for life and want to share that happiness with you. Make a Wish granted Mason a trip of to Disney World. Our first trip to Disney; we are forever grateful. I can not even begin to explain, it really was a dream come true. Now I have a wish to make other kids happy just like Mason. If you have a business or company that would like to support Make a Wish, you can sell Season of Wishes stars for Make a Wish. At only a $1.00 a star. Magical memories last a lifetime!! Thanks to Make a Wish for those memories!! We share our smiles with you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 day Halloween Weekend!!

Good Morning! Mason is wide awake this Thursday morning. No school for parent teacher conferences, and then the weekend begins. No special plans this weekend, just trick or treating and relaxation. I am sure we will think of something to sneak in, like maybe a trip to the dog park. Above is a picture of Mason, Ally and Maverick. The boys had a Halloween costume parade yesterday; and today Ally has her preschool party. Happy Halloween everyone. Mason is enjoying the costume photos on the Make a difference for Mason Facebook page. The boys are both awake!! Mason loves waking up his brother especially when there in no school. Mom can we play Wii ? P.S. Mason decided to stick with a swamp monster costume, to mom's relief I was not having any luck finding a football helmet.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Off to School.....

It's Tuesday morning and Mason slept 12 hours. He did not even eat dinner last night. Fell asleep with a painful headache. Thankfully, his headache vanished in his sleep. He was ready for school, excited about the Halloween party tomorrow.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chiefs Victory

What a great weekend!! Still smiling!! We had a fabulous time at the Chiefs game Sunday. A big thanks to the Chiefs organization. We loved every minute, donuts, tailgating, a walk on the field, stadium food, the loudest stadium in the NFL , a winning game, a beautiful Fall day. GO Chiefs!!! 42-20! And thanks to the NFL referee for an added smile. We all created some wonderful memories! Maverick even wants to play in the NFL someday, and Mason your smile is priceless.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bring on the weekend.......

Good Morning! It's Friday and Mason is wide awake ready to start his day.Yesterday he had a full day of school, with service club after school. Then a Halloween Boy Scout party. And up early to start Friday. Mason and Maverick are collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. It's a simple way we can help, and if you have pop tabs you can send them our way......thank you neighbors for donating your collection. Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture of the Day

October 23, 2004-KC Zoo Run

Good Morning! Thought I would share a picture from 6 years ago, the boys were sitting on a bench waiting for Papa and dad to race by at the Zoo Run. Mason had fun searching for a 4-leaf clover, and his favorite animal that day was the tiger.

Ella Higginson

I know a place where the sun is like gold,
And the cherry blossoms burst with snow,
And down underneath is the loveliest nook,
Where the four-leaf clovers grow.

One leaf is for hope, and one is for faith,
And one is for love, you know,
And God put another in for luck, -
If you search, you will find where they grow.

But you must have hope, and you must have faith,
You must love and be strong - and so,
If you work, if you wait, you will find the place
Where the four-leaf clovers grow.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet dreams...

Tonight, a very relaxing evening with friends, what more can I say? My spirits were lifted this evening! A giant thank you and hug to all. I got home just in time to tuck the kids in bed. Mason had a good day; no headaches for a week. Pleasant dreams everyone and thanks for checking in, it's your caring heart that gets us through each day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Extra smiles today

Mason returned to school today. I visited him at lunch and he was feeling fine, and the rest of the day was thumbs up. We had a quiet relaxing weekend, on Saturday we visited Deanna Rose Farmstead. And then nothing but relaxation on Sunday. Sunday morning started a bit rough. This evening we were blessed to each receive a prayer shawl from Prayer Shawl Ministry College Church of the Nazarene. We cherish each shawl and are blessed with the love and prayers wrapped into each one. Chiefs tickets arrived in the mail today!! EXCITEMENT has filled the household. Mason's new game is crazy eights and we are now reading Double fudge by Judy Blume. This Monday has been awesome in so many ways. Smiles to everyone. God Bless and thanks for keeping our family in your prayers and thoughts.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Radiation Necrosis of the Brain

Necrosis, a new vocabulary word; it basically is the destruction of healthy tissue.
Mason's headaches and balance issues: necrosis. Apparently after visiting the local doctor, finding out the full report; necrosis was present at the September MRI. We were not shared this information. The point is now we know, this was a risk that can occur any time after radiation, 2 weeks to 10 years. It does add extra concerns, but it was not progression of the tumor. Steroid medication was recommended, only 35% of patients get relief. Mason is strongly against returning on steroid medication, we are up in the air. He does not want to be puffy ever again, I know he would rather fight the headaches. Mason had a GREAT day yesterday, but he also had a relaxing carefree day. Mason is ready to return to school on Monday; we will have a 3-day weekend to evaluate(no school on Friday due to in services) Mason wants to go to school and be with his friends. It is a bumpy road we are on, I will always be on guard about the slightest issue of pain. It was unbearable to see him with evening headaches again. As the slightest pain breaks my heart. He has had 2 days headache free. As far as the stomach pain, he will start Zantac. I know there will be good days and bad days, here's praying for a lot of good days in the months ahead.
Wish I would have taken pictures of the boys jumping in the leaves yesterday afternoon, it was great to hear their laughter. It was a beautiful Fall afternoon. The pictures below are from October 2003.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keeping positive

Mason stayed home again today and will again tomorrow. We are waiting to hear more from the doctor. Frustrations are high; follow-up questions are left unanswered. We are SO thankful for our local pediatrician. It's nice to have such a caring doctor at home. We are loving the beautiful Fall weather. Watch out squirrels, Mason has transformed Rex!! And thanks dad for the surprise pie in your face!! Mason found a way to make me smile every time I needed today. Like in the doctor's office, "Mom, it was pretty obvious the doctor and you wanted me out of the room. I didn't know what to do so I was BAD!" He was surprised the nurse made no comments about his eyelashes, 2 minutes later she came back in and said, "I must tell you you have the most beautiful eyelashes." ROFL!! We also had a fun time at Target looking at all the latest Bakugan! "Mom, did you know in 2012 the Bakugan kids become adults." So many comments really stick inside my head. Like, so mom what should I be when I grow up? Me: I thought you wanted to be a scientist. He replied, "But that takes so much time." I told him he could do anything, cause I am already proud! Maverick and Mason are enjoying the Wii and Bakugan games. Even Ally yells, Bakugan Brawl! And Mason enjoyed the cards from his class friends today. Thankful for so many things, pumpkin pie, fall leaves, friends, and days filled with laughter.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Pie

Good Evening! We had a restful afternoon after painful headaches that come and go. We are hoping they are sinus headaches. This evening Mason is feeling much better, he happily finished all homework, walked Rex, decided he wants to write a book titled, "Feast my eyes on pumpkin pie" And now he is searching eBay for Bakugan Tigerra. "Oh my gosh mom, it's only 99 cents" And Ally runs up and says, "I love Mason." A normal evening. Hoping tonight ends with peaceful dreams and those mystery headaches stay far, far away..... I think tomorrow I'll get some pumpkin pie.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What I like about each season

Spring -Soccer

Summer- Pool

Fall-Leaves and Trick or treating!


I hope you have a special reason to enjoy every season! From, Mason

Friday, October 8, 2010


Sight: I can see Jack O' Lanterns at night and leaves falling in fall.
Smell: I can smell cooking in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.
Touch: I can feel leaves falling from trees and I can feel pumpkin guts and knives carving pumpkins
Taste: I can taste pumpkin pie, turkey stuffing, and Halloween candy.
Listen: I can hear rakes raking leaves and kids playing outside.
From, Mason

Thanks Mason for bringing the sights and sounds of Fall alive!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Walk to School Day!

It's International Walk to School Today!
For us, walking to school brings up so many memories. Like the first day of school, August 22, 2006. I asked Mason if he wanted to turn around and go home, after all he has a summer birthday. But he walked ahead, never slowing down.

And then the morning of April 21, 2010 when he tugged at my arm making me stop in my tracks. " I have double vision mom." "Double vision," still echos in my head. How does a kid know what double vision is anyway? It was the beginning of a nightmare, a day I wish I could change. A walk I will forever remember.

Today we walked to school a fall chill in the air. Mason was very quiet; racing ahead not wanting to converse in small talk. Now, I sit and wonder what lies ahead and how Mason never looks back....wanting more out of every day.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My little Pumpkin

Good Morning! Yesterday we had a great day at Schaake's Pumpkin Patch. Above is Mason's very first visit to Schaake's in 2005. And the second photo is from yesterday. Mason picked all 3 pumpkins, one for Mimi, one for dad, and one for him. It was a beautiful fall day, but with the wind stirred up a lot of dust. Mason is home today with a slight headache and eyes hurting. I am hoping it is allergies. We are taking it easy today.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What a Grand Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend!!! The Renaissance Festival was beyond our expectation!! The king greeted Mason as he entered the Festival; from beginning to end it was one smile after another. Face painting, games, jousting, sword fighting and Mason and Maverick were even dubbed knights by the king. Lots and Lots of smiles!! What a wonderful time was had by all. We spent our entire weekend outside enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Since the boys have no school today, we are off to another adventure maybe the Pumpkin Patch. A BIG thanks to Aunt Jen, Jim Dyer and the entire Renaissance Festival staff for making our weekend so Grand and full of SMILES!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Friday

It's Friday! The boys, and I are headed to the Ronald McDonald House in KC, Missouri to visit Royals players and assemble Monkey in My Chair kits. Mason received a Monkey in my Chair when he was at St. Jude. For more information visit, www.lovechloefoundation.org. We are looking forward to a fun morning! And then it is off to school. Grandpa arrives from New York today, and we are celebrating Papa's birthday too. Saturday we are visiting the Renaissance Festival. I don't have to look, I already know 2 boys braver than a knight in shining armor, more noble than a king....and most importantly can bring a smile to the princess.

Renaissance saying:
"It's Raining Cats and Dogs"
A theory is that in old England, they had hay roofs on their houses and the cats and dogs would sleep on the roof. When it rained, the roofs got slippery and the cats and dogs would slide off of the roofs. There for it was "Raining Cats and Dogs".