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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Country

Tonight in Afghanistan a group of heroes from the United States Army will raise the flag in Mason's honor, we are deeply touched beyond words. Thank you Major Craig Colucci and the United States Army and all those serving our country. You are and always will be Mason's biggest heroes. This is his greatest honor. Hugs being sent to Afghanistan!! We love you.

I am at a loss for words from the kindness and compassion that continues to pour down on us. This has been beyond the most amazing week.

I have to quote a Valentine's Day card Mason received today:" Do you know how smart you are? What incredible thoughts are shooting back and forth lighting up the world around you? Thoughts that nobody else could possibly think? Do you know how kind you are? How you can make people smile with just one word, one happy look?"
It is amazing how each card hits us in some shape or form. There's that kindness in each of us that can make the entire world sing.

So much to reflect on as we received a tub full of Valentines, from Girl Scout Troop 5400, St. Damien's Cathlic Church in OK, Eastern Illinois University, Indian Creek Elementary in KS and Sunset Ridge Elementary in CO.

Special cards from the Dean of Pharmacy at University of Wyoming and Kansas State University Football Coach, Bill Snyder. A pin from a Warner Brothers employee in CA. A mailbox with candy from NYC. Lots of love from Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Netherlands.
Each card touches us in its unique way. Smiles; so good for the soul. Thanks for checking in everyone and please include Mason and the United States Army in your prayers tonight.

Mason, I use to focus on what you "could" be; but look at what you have become.


Amy said...

Super is right...Mason, and you, too, Andria. Thanks again for sharing the love and smiles and stories with all of us.♥

DJ said...

God Bless you all Kempf family. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Anonymous said...

Andria, thank you so much for sharing your days with us. Every morning I wake up and can't wait to read your blog. There is so much love around your family ... and I can feel it through your words. Have a blessed day. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lucretia Dewey

Anonymous said...

So, can I now get Mason a Kstate shirt? He looks so much better in purple than any other color in the rainbow!

Andria, thank you for being my friend. I am a better person and Christian because of you. You are truly amazing. And so is our dear, dear Mason.

I just found out from my Dir. of Children's Ministries at Atonement that each and every week, Katie Ruth, Kate C., Nolan and John ask request that all the 1st thru 6th graders pray for Mason.

Here's to some real peace to you today,

Anonymous said...

Andria, thank you for letting us take this journey with you, Mason and your family. Your courage and strength that you have shown through all of this is truly amazing. You and your family are remarkable people. Mason is an amazing boy and you can see the love he has for all of you in his eyes. May God continue to bless you as you continue to travel this journey.

Meryl Jefferson said...


I just wanted to let you know that a big box of Valentine's Day cards are on their way to Mason. :) We hope he enjoys them all!!!!

Meryl Jefferson
Manatee Bay Elementary School
Weston, Fl