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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Straight to my heart

It was a beautiful day here in Kansas, Mason even sat outside for a while. Ally was still very sick and slept most of the day. Mason got frustrated today when he could not find anything to satisfy his hunger. Tonight he fell asleep as American Idol was ending. Below are some more smiles from today's mail. Over a course of 28 days; 1, 750 pieces of mail have arrived for Mason. Thank you everyone, one person can make a difference. A world of love has passed through our doors.

How can you not SMILE at an Australian Crocodile that sings from the Land Down Under? Made me sing and dance!!

It's hard to believe we thought Alaska and Hawaii would be difficult; we received a card from each today. Even more amazing; 22 pieces of mail were received from Alaska and 21 from Hawaii.

More beautiful postcards from Napa Valley, CA, South Carolina, Maine and Florida

An "Express" Valentine card was also delivered from Hallmark Cards in United Kingdom.

Cards from Belize (Thanks Krisalis, and Julio )

Thanks to Daisy Troop 676 in Olathe, KS and Haven Elementary in Haven, PA

And then there are those cards that just go straight to my heart. When we were at Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, the walls were covered with children's hand prints representing a child with cancer. It seemed like yesterday Mason's green hand print was made. And as I gaze up at the stars at night I think of loved ones that live forever in my heart.

Before we were even aware, look what arrived in the mail; Mason's first Lucky to Know You card from Olathe, Kansas. My heart is so full it is overcome with emotion tonight.

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Brandie said...

Glad to hear Mason went outside in the beautiful weather!!! So sorry Ally is sick. I pray tomorrow she is feeling back to herself! Hugs your way, love you guys!!