KC Zoo Tiger Donation

To help fulfill Mason's dream and help the Tigers:
KC Zoo Attn Laura Berger "In Memory of Mason Kempf" 6800 Zoo Dr Kansas City, MO 64132

For the beauty of Snow and Magic on Christmas :
Elves of Christmas Present PO Box 3535
Olathe, KS 66063

Monday, January 31, 2011

Only 4 states left

Wow!! 105 pieces of mail arrived for smiling Mason!!
A giant hug from Washington!

Check it out, 8 octopus cards!! (Mason's most popular card)

The first card from a US Marine (stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA)

Pittsburgh Steelers cards from Memphis, TN and Chewbacca!!

Favorite handmade card from Paris!!

Mason had 6 cards from Alaska!! Thanks to Anchorage, AK our cats do look alike, and how cool to have a moose born in your yard!! And from Galena, AK where the Iditarod came through.

And we had our first card from twins only 4 years old in Boise, Idaho (a Capitol too)! Shark teeth from Virginia! And crazy over a footlong from Subway!!

Only 4 states left, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Vermont.
Mason's still having some tummy pains. But thanks everyone for filling his heart full of love, and for smiles all around. No SCHOOL tomorrow for Maverick or Ally due to potential blizzard conditions.
*The Chili's night for Mason has been rescheduled for Tuesday February 8 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. I'll email a new flier soon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love all around

Greetings everyone!! Mason was sick all day Saturday with abdominal cramping and tummy ache. He is feeling much better today and Hungry!! So glad he is no longer running a temperature and smiling again. Below is a few of our Valentine LOVE from around the world.

A dancing flower when the sun shines and a favorite lucky star card

Our largest valentine received from Iowa!!

Handmade magnets from Rochester NY

A rainbow from London!!

A laughing Snoopy from Parkville/Smithville MO and Australia fun from Melbourne!
A warm fuzzy zoo blanket from Arkansas and much more. We thank everyone, especially our mailman Nick who always brings our mail with a SMILE!!

The love continues to amaze us. Love from everywhere. And the majority from complete strangers just letting us know they care. Mason received a box filled with girl scout cookies from cousin Ashley in New Jersey, even more amazing the order was from England requesting the cookies be mailed to Mason!! It is fun learning about the world, like a postcard from Istanbul and a postcard from a missionary couple in Japan.
Cards from Brock Elementary in Weatherford, Texas and St. Peter Catholic School in Covington LA! Texas and Florida are now tied for 3rd place. Thanks to Australia for sending so much love!! Good day mates!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another good day!

Happy Friday!! We celebrated Maverick's 9th birthday a little early. His actually birthday is on the 1st of February, born during an ice storm; I see the weather is forecasting a potential snowstorm this year.
Maverick asked Mason what kind of cake he would like, and ordered a cookie cake per Mason's request. I don't think it was a coincidence that Mason received an official letter from the American Philosophical Society from the town of Brotherly LOVE!! 55 pieces of mail arrived today. A book of Australian wildlife kept us entertained before dinner. Our Kansas wall is exploding with LOVE!! We are trying to figure new ways to decorate the walls as our shutter doors are completely full. Someone dropped off the cute Pug card at our doorstep. We also received Georgia, and New Mexico cards today. Along with Greece, Spain and 3 from Australia and 2 from Canada. We received the card with the most signatures, 46 from Kansas City Kansas Curves group.What a great start to our weekend!!!! The smiles are priceless as our evening ends on a happy note. We can't forget to mention of another team of angels from Home Depot. They not only are taking care of a clogged drain, but also with some other home repairs. Mason can't wait to take a bath with the new safety bar and new faucet. We are deeply touched by their support.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Happy Day

Love, Love, Love!!! Today was a much better day. Mason stayed awake most of the day and no headaches this evening. The horrible headache may have been from his fall.
68 pieces of mail arrived for Mason today. We got our first card from New York City!! And a first from Hollywood, CA. The animal card on top brought smiles, it mentioned the movie Madagascar, after we just watched the movie. Mason received cards from 5th graders in Oak Hill, Virginia. A cool Super Bowl shirt and Oreos from a former Brookridge teacher, Mrs. Tyson. A book, Because of Winn-Dixie from Langdon, KS. The Kansas City Missouri Harley Davidson Factory sent Harley Davidson memorabilia. (He's already picking out a 2011 Harley)

Our closest postcard arrived from across the street. And our farthest from Northgate, Australia. A senior citizen art class from Camdenton, MO painted cards(pictured above) We love the variety of cards and read each one. And we love the Pug/Dog cards, they remind us of our silly 14 year old Pug as well as Mason's dog, Rex. And THANK YOU Mr. Postman for carrying all those smiles to our door. I will end tonight's post with Happy, Happy, Day!! Thanks everyone!! Sweet dreams.
* Indiana remains in 3rd place with Kansas and Missouri in the lead. And thanks to North Pole, Alaska, Bethel, Alaska, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Budapest, Hungary

A litttle LOVE can go a long way!

More love from around the country!! 34 more pieces of mail for Mason. Thanks from the Ozarks, a hand painted caterpillar card, a Cowpid card from Lenexa, Kansas, a South Carolinan sent their favorite rock from South Africa. A kissing frog from Tobyhanna, PA, a Pizza Hut gift card from Lawrence, KS, a tea cup kitty from Monroe, Iowa, postcards from Chicago, Boys Town, NE and Sheffield,England. The list goes on and on. From Edmond, Oklahoma, "Don't tell God how big your mountain is...tell the mountain how big your God is!! And from Brooklyn, NY, see the Warrior Angel above. Each card is really special in its own way and we all cherish the LOVE. We have great big arms across the miles hugging us each night. God's love has surrounded us.

I can not lie........Yesterday was tough.... A fall early morning, a knot on his head, another nap and tears. Fear hovers over the house, oxygen was brought for precautionary measures. It may never be needed but... it is here. And I know the tanks were unbearable to look at. Mason's breathing is not a struggle however; deep, deep breaths can be heard throughout the day. A headache began much earlier bringing tears and frustrations and, "Mom you are not listening" The moans and groans haunt mom; I know I can not make them vanish. I only pray for more smiles to consume his day. A mom is suppose to provide comfort. My heart is so heavy, it could explode. Already this morning the headache has been replaced by tummy pains as Mason wobbled to the bathroom. Steroids can be increased if necessary, but the side effects will also increase.

The mail lets us know we are not alone. As a card from Goshen, Indiana reads,"Valentine's Day proves one thing...a little Love can go a long way!" Thank you!! We are not alone...

Keep the love coming. Kansas has taken the lead with 19 cards. We'd love to hear from Mississipi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Washington D.C.,West Virginia, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Michigan, Arkansas, Vermont, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Delaware and Kentucky.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26 more cards of love!

Good Morning. I am wide awake after Mason woke up with a headache. It's a small one, but any ache and pain just turns my stomach in knots. My heart aches more and more each day as we witness even the slightest changes. Mason has just started taking naps during the day, and still having tummy aches at night. The tooth fairy made a stop tonight as Mason lost a tooth. I try to ignore my aching heart as I long for some magic of my own.

The added smiles from the mailbox have continued to overwhelm us, the support is awe-inspiring; the entire family looks forward to mail each day. Our mail truck arrives between 5 and 6 p.m., which is great because dad is home.

Check out the awesome Valentine from Baby Jay. The KU Mascot is wearing the I'm Aware shirt (Childhood Cancer Awareness) and holding a signed valentine "Baby Jay loves Mason!!" Mason also received a coloring book and cards from Northern Iowa Panther Mascot. (T.C.)
Cards arrived from Massachusetts, and Maine yesterday too!! Kansas and Missouri have taking the lead with 13 cards from each state. And thanks to school friends for sending cards too.
Thank you everyone!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Love has arrived...

Hello and thank you!! Our morning started a little rough as mom could not understand the word, "Fork." Mason wanted a fork with his fruit salad. Go ahead; visualize me shrinking to the size of a rat, because that is how I felt. The rest of the day went well. Mason even dozed off in the afternoon. The joy started right before dinner as the mail arrived!! We enjoyed opening mail as Maverick filled the map with heart stickers. We have 28 states complete, and I have a feeling more is on the way. It was so much fun reading all the special messages, and hanging all the cards. We are plastering the wall with postcards and the living room shutter doors work great for holding cards. We will do our best to share all the joy and love from around the world. There is no way possible to mention each and everyone, just know we truly thank you and enjoy every card. I am so glad we can share some of the smiles with you. A big thank you!!

What do you feed a teddy bear? Nothing- He's already stuffed!! Thanks Donna from Virginia.
Our youngest card sender so far: Four year old Teya from Ohio
Mason's enjoying chocolate ice cream thanks to Carole from East Texas!!
We are finding some new places we would love to travel, like these pictures from Oregon(Crater Lake, one of the bluest lakes in the world)

Our first international postcard from London

Love from Arizona and Alaska!!

One of my favorites : We believe in rainbows, happy endings and dreams come true!!

Monday Morning..

Good Morning! It's Monday. We were excited to receive 9 more valentines on Saturday. Indiana is in the lead with 3. Smiles from the Hoosier State. Pennsylvania the farthest so far. Oklahoma City was our first State Capitol. The fun has started!!

Saturday was the Pinewood Derby, Mason stayed home and rested. Maverick raced both his car (the yellow Lightening) and Mason's (Stripes) . Mason was thrilled to receive a green car with a hand painted Tiger to add to his collection of Derby cars; and everyone in Pack 3375 signed a plaque for him. Thank you Pack 3375.

Sunday was a quiet day; by mid-afternoon Maverick wanted to go run at the track. So Mason decided he wanted to visit the pool. (It is shallow and not over this head) It was crazy, but we loaded up the car, dropped Ally off at my parents and headed for the gym. Mason lasted 5-10 minutes in the pool. We arrived during the busiest time, what were we thinking? I know Mason loves the pool; and once in the water it is a place to feel normal. We found a quiet spot and tried to focus on the waves, but he mumbled, "home". I was glad Maverick was o.k about missing his swim. Mason almost drifted off to sleep by 7 as he laid on the couch the rest of the evening and dozed off at 8 p.m. Tummy aches consume his evenings, and he moans until he is asleep.

If you live in the KC area, mark your calendars: Tuesday February 1 (dinner hours) The Overland Park Chili's is having a fundraiser for Mason. This would be a great time to wear the "Green" Make a Difference shirts or The bright yellow "I'm Aware shirts".
Chili's is near the intersection of 119th and Metcalf. It is located in the same shopping center as Bed Bath and Beyond and 24 Hour Fitness. More details to follow soon. Chili's will provide fliers sometime this week.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello everyone!! So much to say. We are so excited to receive the first Valentine!! Congratulations Indiana, the first state on our map-You beat Kansas! Thanks to the Jones Family from Avon, Indiana. Mason is watching for the mail truck everyday. And Maverick is excited to be helping locate each state and place the heart stickers. We even have stars for state Capitols. Thanks for the smiles coming from across the country and overseas.

We are loving the beautiful snowflakes and gazing out at the white ground. Maverick was excited for another snow day on Thursday, so glad he enjoys shoveling.
A giant thank you to Mrs. Nierman's 4th graders from Turner Elementary in Kansas . They sent beautiful cards about SNOW!!! And they shared a story about William Bentley; the Snowflake Man. Here is Snowflake Bentley's story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8U9zRq15g0 We enjoyed watching his story and enjoy the true beauty of snowflakes even more now.
There is beauty all around. If you are feeling down about snow, watch the video for a new prospective. Mason is looking forward to the book, Snow Crystals. Below is a picture from Bentley's snowflake collection. Maverick found the pictures to be unreal, but he should know there is magic in snowflakes.

Mason had a rough week. Especially at night, with tummy aches and not sleeping the whole night through. He cries hunger all day. When the going gets tough, Ally is there with a hug, and we try and laugh as much as we can. And Maverick jumps in to help whenever he can.

Today is the pinewood derby, Maverick is looking forward to racing both his car and Mason's. Thanks everyone for being here, I get goosebumps daily from the love surrounding us.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

50 States in 25 Days

Truly amazed again!!!
I just thought of a fun Valentines Day project for Mason and Maverick, and your support has been incredible!!! For those of you not aware, I sent a simple email request for cards or letters from each of the 50 states. And now the project has gone International. Mason can't wait until the first card arrives. This is the email I sent out: We feel the love from around the country, but wouldn't it be fun for Mason to see? After finding our United States poster and a package of heart stickers, we are ready to place stickers on all 50 states. What a surprise for Mason to see how many people, churches and friends from around the country are thinking of him? Can you send a card, postcard, prayer, or just a simple note and bring a smile to our mailbox this Valentines Day? (It doesn't have to be a valentine, please include your city and state)

We will keep you updated as the cards arrive. I know this project will bring smiles in the days ahead as each day brings new challenges. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.
The picture above is from 2004, the boys and Milo posed for a Valentine's Day photo .
Send cards to: Mason 7700 W 96 Ter Overland Park, Kansas 66212

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another wake up call....

I feel as if we have entered a new stage, one that will become harder to write about, but as sleep becomes harder what else is there to do? Anyhow, I find comfort in writing.

Yesterday.... Lets just say, it's going to be hard to send Maverick to school today. He was so very helpful, grabbing drinks and helping Mason with snacks. I'd love to have another day watching the boys at play.
Mason has a loose tooth, and had a crazy idea, " I am going to ask the tooth fairy for a Ninjago battle arena." So, I said, "Why wait?" Within minutes we were in the van headed to Target. Maverick pushing the wheelchair down the aisles, as we were hunting for buried treasure. With Oreos and the Battle Arena in hand we passed the valentines. Mason was the first to point out a box, and I quickly responded, " Sure Maverick can bring yours."

All afternoon the boys built the battle arena. Mason left the room for a snack and Maverick whispered, " Mom, Mason is not helping, but that's o.k." Mason sat and watched grinning from ear to ear in anticipation, as Maverick beamed in pride with each Lego snap.

We brought McDonald's home for lunch, and even the bag from the Happy Meal made me stop and think. It is a Happy Meal after all, and we are forever grateful for Ronald McDonald house. Maverick read the bag out loud, "Mom a child gets sick, and stays at Ronald McDonald and then comes home better. "It actually says Scottie got better quicker" It was the "better" part that gave me a sick feeling inside.

Eddie came home a little early; and prepared a pre-dinner ravioli meal for Mason. And then a panic scream sent me flying up the stairs. Eddie had Mason in the Hemlich manuver; as Mason was choking. I immediately dialed 911, by the time I got the operator, Mason was o.k.
There was a cloud over our heads the rest of the night and my heart is still beating different.
Mason was able to finish some chicken noodle soup; and he loved the roast beef sandwiches delivered that night. I tried not to stare at him as he chewed each bite.

Ally ....always there to bring a smile. I came upstairs to find her on the kitchen rug. She whispered, "Mom, I can not talk" She motioned me on the rug. Quietly she said, "Stand very still , as she gazed at the kitchen floor. Then she leaped forward swooshing down and scooping up a giant imaginary fish. As the fish wiggled in her hands she said, "Now you try"

We ended our night playing Uno Attack. As we headed to bed Mason said, "My tummy feels empty" and then a laugh and then another. Not funny, but it made us all smile and the laughter still echos in my head.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pizza anyone?

If we could get in the car and drive non-stop for 1,062 miles, we would arrive right in front of Leaning Tower Pizza in Dansville, New York. This restaurant not only sells great pizza, but has a staff with a giant heart; a team of angels. If you can, please stop by and order a pizza; and tell them Mason sent you. I know he would order a large pepperoni pizza, a Coca-Cola, and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. He would give the video game a try while waiting for the pizza to cook. And we wouldn't leave without a thank you and giant hug to everyone behind the counter. Thank you from a boy who lives 1,062 miles away. We love you Leaning Tower.

And they are not alone, as a group of Heroes in Burlington, New Jersey continue to keep Mason in their prayers. Thank you to the local police officers and fire deptartment of Burlington. It is the angels all around that continue to lift our spirits. It keeps that smile glued to Mason's face.
It is YOU; miles away to right next door, You have made a difference. We can feel the love from miles around.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 270

Just being a kid. Friday afternoon, Mason joined Ally and Papa outside to make a snowman. Mason sat quietly as Ally ate scoops of snow. Instead of helping construct a snowman, Mason scooped up what he could and made a snow pillow. The smile on his face tells it better than I can describe in words. I left him alone in silence. It is hard to put in words when you suddenly realize you are unable to tackle the sledding hill, throw snowballs, or put a carrot nose on Frosty. Just sweet memories of Snow. And something about the magic of snow that can still bring a smile.

The boys watched their new favorite" Ninjago" (ninja Legos) show on Friday. Maverick and Mason were excited to find some spinning ninja legos at Target on Saturday. So thankful for the wheelchair so Mason can get out. It was also wonderful that Maverick, and Mason played with a close friend on Saturday. Especially, since Mason prefers no visitors. We respect his wishes, each day not knowing what to expect. Each day a new realization. It was all so different 270 days ago. To be; just a kid.
Live, Love, Laugh and Snow!! May God's love smile on you today.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just like a boat......

A boat trapped in the middle of the ocean, do we drown, or look at the beauty all around. Yesterday was one of those days where you focus on the beauty, no matter what life kept throwing at us. We are just an average family, with good days and bad. We've all have those days where the car won't start, the toliet won't flush, and you just can't catch up. You got to keep on going; keep the boat a float.

Mason has taught me so much about life. He is so easy going, carefree, smart, fun loving and when the going gets tough, laugh! He always does whatever is asked, always wanting to please. Like asking to fold laundry even when he can't stand. He is my inspiration, all he wants is to be a kid. A kid that teaches me, guides me, and makes me smile daily. He keeps my spirits up. A kid that had to grow up too soon, he keeps our boat a float.

Last night I lie awake again, focused on Maverick and Allyson this time. As Ally keeps herself occupied and escapes through imagination. She has an array of imaginary friends to play with and they all live in a castle and fly on rocket ships with Princess Ally. And Maverick stuck in between, cancer affects the entire family. Sometimes the waves come crashing down, affecting us all at different times. And it's family, friends, the community, and complete strangers that continue to lift us up and keep us from sinking.

Mason is still asleep, a rough night of tossing and turning. Yesterday he mumbled "Hungry" all day and it's hard to smile when his tummy won't fill up. He ate consistently from breakfast until 2 p.m., never feeling satisfied. He wants to continue the steroids, because they do help him on his feet. There are still those wobbly moments. And when Mason says a complete sentence, I pray I understand. Thanks everyone for helping keep our boat a float; our rainbow in the sky.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still smiling

Striving to fill our day with laughter. Ally has nicknamed Mason, Mr. Gigglepants. And I asked Ally to help pick up something, she replied, "Mom I am a princess, I don't do much. " We all laugh of course. Mason enjoys playing on the computer, laughter warms the house on this cold winter's day. As we all laugh at funny you tube videos, The Duck song and more....
Mason is now taking steroids regularly, along with zantac and an antiobiotic. He is persistant when it comes to food. Tacos, and peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch. Oranges, oreos, pop tarts and ravioli for a snack in between. And once again tacos for dinner followed by whatever his rumbling tummy desires. His cheeks are already beginning to show signs of puffiness from the steroids. However, Mason is manuveuering around on his two feet much better and the drooling has approved. His raspy breathing checked out to be saliva secretions and his lungs are clear. A new drug can help if his secretions worsen. Tonight a constant runny nose has begun.
We search for normality. With dates of birthdays, a new Lego game in March, Easter, etc, you know all those events that fill a calendar? All these dates in our head, when we strive to focus only on each day. Each event questioned in my mind, each day concentrating on the smiles and only what is important.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Snow Day

It is great to see smiles today! Maverick elated from another snow day. It is too cold to play in the snow, Maverick did bundle up and finish shoveling our driveway. And the sledding hill awaits action once more! But Mason insists only if dad is home to sled. The boys have rediscovered Verticon, an air battle game we received 2 or 3 years ago.
All three kids are enjoying Phineas and Ferb while devouring Oreos, as I finish laundry for the day. The music therapist will be by today; Maverick and Ally enjoying singing. Mason prefers to watch and smile at their musical talents. In the photo above Mason is pictured with 2 of his favorites, David Cook( shirt) and a Tiger (amazingly named Taco). Mason was full of smiles after receiving David Cook T-shirts from a friend of a friend. It really touches us to know, people are reading the blog and have reached out in so many ways with support and care. Meals have warmed our spirits and provided much needed time with each other. This evening we hope to paint Pinewood derby cars as the race is around the corner. Mason misses Boy Scouts but really wants to enter a car in this year's race. And Maverick hopes to compete in the sibling race. A million thanks for all the support and love that continues to lift our spirits. Thanks for being here. My mind is constantly focused on ways Mason's story and life can positively effect the lives of others. He inspires me daily.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A tiger Losing its Stripes

Tacos bring a smile!! Mason is craving tacos in the morning, day and night. We stocked up on tacos and chocolate milk anticipating snow. Mixed feelings again as the snow piles up. Sledding may not be an option. But we have our own sledding hill, if a spark of interest exists. The hill, our Christmas magic refuses to melt away. Everyday it seems the list of 2010 accomplishments fades. Each day something new gets erased. It's like a tiger losing its stripes. This morning all is quiet; after a long sleepless night. Mason woke up thirsty and then struggled to tell me something. I reached for the communication device after a stream of tears. He typed "Sommtninng Smeels. And then he fell asleep. Frustration in the air, and fear for the day communication may be lost. I laid awake last night listening to his raspy breathing. Even thinking about unimportant things like, Mason never misspells a word. I wrote pages and pages about everything and how perfect his life has been until now. The tumor will grow and upon return, it's rapid. But please, do not ask a time-frame, only God can answer that. Laughter still plays an important role in our day, sneaking in when needed most, Mason's laugh truly is the best medicine. He has refused any pain meds, even simple Ibuprofen. He usually closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. As I pray sweet dreams consume him.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A disturbance in the force

My eyes are still opening. We were excited to use our free night stay at Aloft in Leawood. The boys were thrilled for a night out at a fancy hotel. But all it took was a dip in the pool to fast forward to reality once more. Mason lasted 2 minutes in the arms of dad, the water was deep, and swimming not so easy. At least that is what we intpret from tears. Maverick ran along splashing, cannibals, and flipping every which way, but it wasn't the same for any of us. We watched t.v. the rest of the night. Mason woke up around 12, moaning and crying, a headache and who knows what else. Breathing at times being difficult and not being able to understand how he feels. Do we ask too many questions? He uses a communication device to type certain words, it is frustrating to realize you can't do it on your own! The steroids have seem to make him feel more sensitive and he easily upsets. After seeing him stumble last night again and not be able to sit up this morning........there is a disturbance in the force. (Star Wars clone wars is blaring in the back) But there is a disturbance in the force that's all I can say.....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful for you

Good Morning. There is so much I want to say, do and share. As I lie awake in the middle of the night, I think of how 2011 has started and think of how grateful we are because of you. Our spirits continue to be lifted in many ways. Thank you for touching our lives, making a difference, sharing Mason's story, the power of friendship, and prayer. We are thankful for such wonderful organizations and the donations in Mason's honor to St. Jude, Make a Wish and Ronald McDonald House. Who would have imagined Mason and Maverick's idea of a Make a Wish tree would end up in the coming together of friends, family and Eddie's co-workers to raise $3,842. They have raised enough to grant another child's wish. And every time I mention it; the boys beam with pride and accomplishment. Thank you for your support. And your continued support; a friend from Mason's school is collecting money at her birthday party for Make a Wish.

There are angels among us and our family feels the love of God surrounding us. We have invitations from so many local churches and prayer chains from CA to NY. Our eyes are wide open; after all we have experienced we look for the good in everything. And hope that Mason's story continues to touch many lives. Mason is not just an average kid, he has hopes, dreams, and ambition. He is extraordinary, a gift from God. So much he has accomplished, but so much more to accomplish.

For the last 9 years, I have asked Mason what he wants to do when he grows up; no matter the answer, knowing we will support him. Here are some of answers, a football player, a dentist, a crossing guard, a police officer, a solider, a bank owner, a fire fighter, a secret agent, anything with a computer, a scientist, each year a different answer. This spring at St. Jude, he whispered in my ear, " Can I ask Santa for a college degree?" He never brought it up again. Here's to being a kid and dreaming of being whatever you want to be! Keeping dreaming and Reach for the Stars! And May Hope, Love and Faith always be by with you. We hope Childhood Cancer awareness continues to spread through Mason's journey, because we are not alone. Thank you continuing to share our story. Mason says, "I am SO HUNGRY!!"