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Friday, February 25, 2011


Because the love is not stopping I share with thee... I really thought I'd be sharing the last Valentine card, but we are still receiving well wishes and letters that touch the heart. Knowing that we have touched one person brings special meaning to our journey. We will never understand why, but the strength we receive from each other provides hope. Just like flowers in the spring time.

Thanks for the cards of Hope; Heartland Christian Daycare/Preschool in KC, MO

More greetings from across the USA

Meow, and Purrs to Chai, Little Bit and Sugar Bear

Greetings from Swain Ski Resort in Swain, NY!!

Cards from Saudi Arabia, 2 more from India, Spain and lots from Portugal
Thank you, I need to shout out. We are so grateful and send our hugs to all. From cards to meals, to a silent prayer. We thank everyone that reads this for the continued support. Heartland Church in Olathe, KS you've touched our hearts. Thank you EVERYONE from the bottom of our hearts.

Every now and then then I hit the rewind button. I know; one day at a time. But, with the school carnival last night; I flash back to last year, the boys racing from classroom to classroom collecting tickets for prizes, bouncing on the inflatables, playing the cake walk, laughing and joking with friends. Yes, sometimes I try and picture how things were and how things could be today; before cancer changed all that. We ended last night with laughter of our own. Mason does not talk about what he is missing. I know it is buried inside. It is why he can't get himself to return for a school visit. It's those memories; to be a normal kid, not center of attention, or mom answering his questions, and so on. We carry on...holding on to strength from each other and finding sunshine to every day.. And holding on to those visions in our mind and those memories when we hit rewind...


Brandie said...

Thinking of you. Hugs and prayers your way- love you all so much.

Amy said...

Oh Andria...no words...just I love you and your family...same sentiments as Brandie...

dmeryan said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We think of you often and pray for you all every day. Even Kate, at the age of 3, remembers to include "bless our friend Mason and his family" in her prayers. I know that God hears all of our prayers but I've always thought that ones from the small children must really touch His heart. Your faith and spirit touch me and so many others...sending hugs and love...

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's where you were last year. But look at where we are this year! The love you've shown us, the love we've shown you, the love your family has, the good news we've seen on TV. Love, Love, and Love. Yes, that's where we were last year. But this year, we've all grown in our love. Thank you Andria.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put, Anonymous!

I hope your family had a nice, relaxing weekend. We've been thinking of you guys non-stop. We're still sending lots of love and hope your way. Please update when you can.