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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The friendships we make along the way..

The mailman delivered a tub full of smiles today!

From postcards, home made cards, from cards all around to Mason's very own street sign!!

Thanks Girl scouts, Churches, Friends, Family, We've tried to picture all the LOVE!! Can you believe it? We are down to only 2 more states; Wyoming and Vermont!! We got our first Delaware card today. Truly amazing, and we have 10 more days until Valentines Day!!
Mason received an Oklahoma Baseball cap from the OSU Athletic Dept. His very own Air Force coin from his friend Jason's cousin. A green MSU (Michigan State) foam hand! A wallet, shirt, and Batman band aids from Denmark. A post card from Romania, Italy, Australia and one from our former neighbors in Switzerland. A card to Always remember God holds "You" in the palm of his Hands. The cards, messages, and prayers from all over bring unbelievable smiles. Ally loves watching for stickers as Mason loves to share in all the joy. Another 62 pieces of mail today. Can you find your card below? These are just a few from today. There's Love in the Air, Love still makes the world go round.
Mason had a good day, he is starting a new antibiotic, we found out his tummy pains were from the first antibiotic. Thankful for no more tummy pain, but Mason is tiring more quickly in the evenings. But every night before he falls asleep the last thing he remembers is the smiles you've sent. Thank you everyone.
I'll end with a card greeting from today, Life's Truest Happiness is Found in Friendships we make along the way.


Amy said...

So glad that Mason's tummy aches may be history...and thanks for sharing your latest bounty of Valentines! I'm still amazed by the amounts of them and all the places they are coming from and all the gifts, too! Thanks for sharing! ♥

Shadow said...

Hi, I was just told about Mason and I am now making him a card from Australia. I hope it gets there before Valentines.
Don't ever give up. I have a friend with the same cancer who is now 27. I also have a nephew who at 14 was given a 2% chance of making it. He is now 32, married with twin boys and the only survivor in the world of his type and stage of cancer. Sending prayers for you all.

Svetlana said...

Reading the post from Shadow put a smile on my face and hope in my heart for you to be able to spend many more years with Mason. Hope for Mason to have his own family and to grow old with his own children.

Anonymous said...

Look at all of those postcards on the wall. Your front room must have the most incredible feel to it with constant reminders of all the hugs, love and prayers surrounding your family. One incredible young man bringing the best out of all these people. God is good and miracles are a possibility! Keep the optimism alive. Today I am glad for new meds.

Anonymous said...

I see my Alcatraz postcard! I'm glad it got there so fast!

My mom lives in Vermont. I'll see if she can send a Valentine or postcard when she's done digging out from under all the snow!

- JTMD in California

Anonymous said...

I, too, was so happy when I read Shadow's comment! We'll all just keep praying . . . and Mason, I hope you can just keep smiling . . . you have a great smile! I put my valentine in the mailbox this evening . . . and my friend that I contacted in Vermont said she was getting one out to you as well. Just two more states to go . . . that's wonderful! Happy to hear that the tummy pains have subsided and that their cause was discovered . Thank you for keeping us all "updated" and know that our prayers and love are with you and your family! Anne

Christy said...

aww sweety you hang in there. I've got some cards coming to your from Illinois!!!!! I know you may already have that state but wanted you to have them anyway.

God Bless you all and we'll be praying.