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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday's fog stuck with me all day. So glad sunshine is in the forecast. Mason had a good day; I have no idea where the day went yesterday, I guess we spent a lot of time in front of the television as Ally just wanted to be held. Ally is sick with a tummy ache and spent a lot of yesterday puking.
Mason had fun playing and organizing his Legos. He also loves playing Plants vs. Zombies on the computer. He is looking forward to the release of a new Star Wars Clone Wars Lego game.

Hopefully with some spring air today; 70's!! We can open some windows and the germs can blow right out the window. I have been following Ally with a Lysol can, I pray no one else gets run down with this stomach bug.

We are still receiving some Love in the mail.

Cards from Greece, Australia, England, United Kingdom, and a New York card from Switzerland and a first from Hong Kong.

Here is a collection of handmade cards adorning our wall.

We love cards from Pets; Cats Tiger and Sir Lancelot

Beasley the beagle from Wisconsin

Mason, Maverick and Ally love their Stack it Cups!

Greeting from Legoland CA and the cutest elephant Valentine from Los Angeles, CA (below)


Amy said...

Good morning. I hope that Ally is feeling lots better today...and that everyone else stays well. It is always good to hear the news of Mason having a good day. :) Glad to see that the Valentines are still coming in, too. Your blog is always full of cheer for all no matter what you are going through. Thank you for your everlasting positive outlook. ♥

Brandie said...

Hope everyone is feeling better today and can enjoy some of this wonderful weather! :) Hugs and prayers your way- always!!! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

The snow love heart is so very cool...even God sent Mason his valentine....Mason you and your family are so special and everyone, a lot everyone's love you and your special family....the huge love Is felt when so many people poured put love!!!
Our thoughts and prayers....