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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holding on

My heart could explode right now. It all arrived from the mail. It's indescribable the warmth it provides. It's like an enormous army that keeps growing; an incredible powerful strength. It's that last smile at the end of the day. It's the smile that everything is o.k. As Mason closed his eyes last night, he whispered, " This blanket is so warm". The smile across his face; straight from the heart. We have "warmth". Our army continues to grow. We could certainly defeat a dragon if we were guarding a castle. But there is a stronger beast knocking on our door. It is why, I struggle each night before I close my eyes; a cure for cancer beating against our door. Along this journey we have met too many angels and others fighting the same or similar battle. Our story reaching so many, so many holding on with us. You are our light in the darkness of the night. And all it takes is something simple. It's the neighbor on the next street over, posting a sign, "Hi Mason" on her back window. Mason can see it out our front window; a simple hello. It's the bundle of mail, regardless how small, it proves someone cares; someone is out there. Thanks for joining our journey and for holding on. Hold on to today and hope for tomorrow. We are not alone. Thanks for taking the time; a simple hello can really make a difference to someone's day. I share with you all the smiles that captured our heart's this evening.

The adorable blanket received from Utah,
Mason snuggled in it's warmth tonight. We thank you in memory of your special angel.

A hug from the Netherlands
How I got your address: Carol-Alexander-Shaun-Holly and Me

Cards from Australia, Ukraine, Germany and Sri Lanka

The Moon Man's Gift from Greenland

More cards from Germany

Greetings from Herbie and Callie Rose

A Valentine hello from Hong Kong

Washington sends a guardian angel

Winne says hello to Rex and family from across 95th St.

Guardian angels from Alaska to Mason and Maverick

And last but not least just a simple, "someone is praying for you in Missouri."


Brandie said...

Andria- thanks for sharing the love you have received on the blog. I get goosebumps reading how much people care and from how far away. Yet again, another example of all the wonderful people that we have in this world. Have a day of love, smiles, hugs, and more mail Kempf family! Love you all so much! Prayers to you!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know why a humming bird hums? Because he doesn't know the words.....prayers today and always....

Anonymous said...

Andria you have an army of friends sending you and your family our love and prayers each and every day. We only wish we could take the gray clouds when they wash over you. Mason is such an encouragement to all of us. To live and love like you have never lived or loved before. Thank you for letting us follow this journey with you and your family. I send my prayers and love to you.

Gabriele said...

Another mom, whose child also has a brain tumor, forwarded your blog to me. When I first saw Mason's picture, it was like looking into my own son's eyes. Then I read about Mason's favorite things and I had to laugh. We have bowls and boxes of Jack's rock and key chain collections, plus his rubber bracelet collection. Star Wars, legos, the list goes on of how alike they are.
Jack is forever 11, and I've asked him to help watch over Mason. I pray for Mason's healing every day and I pray for you and all your family.

becky lauer said...

you are an inspiration to me! sending all my love!!!

Anonymous said...

You must know what an inspiration you are to everyone. I only wish what you are doing is something i would have done while going through the c word with my daughter. We always hated the word so it was the c word in our home. My daughter will be forever 17. It always amazes me how much children can with stand. My love and prayers are with you!