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Friday, May 14, 2010


Yahoo! Thanks to my cousin Carrie for finding the downtown YMCA for us. We had a wonderful swim today. The only tears were from Ally leaving the pool, notice top picture;"one more time." And then the good times kept rolling. We went to Pizza Hut in Arkansas and afterwards the giggles started. Of course for some reason, Ally's diaper leaked on my lap, so bad it looked like I wet my pants! But Mason's laughter was contagious and if only I could freeze time. And the police were out in full force, it's the Memphis BBQ festival, Mason yelled "Popo people, everyone act cool" I heard the BBQ back home was fabulous, can't wait to see pictures. Thanks everyone!!
For days Mason has been telling me he feels like he is in a bubble, so I thought the medication was making him feel funny, until today. He finished his sentence " I feel like a giant bubble, I want to wake up and have everything go back to normal. And then he brought up how eating honeysuckle caused the tumor-if only it could be so simple.

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Brandie said...

The dinner was wonderful! The staff did an incredible job!! We missed you! Glad to hear you all got to go swimming! I saw Mimi tonight! :) It was good to see her!!!