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Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Monday

A picture from home (mom and dad tired, but look at Mason's smile!!!!!)
The other picture is from our cheese curd and beef stick stop.

We arrived safe and smelly. Ally got car sick, from the curvy roads. Dad was pretending he was Lightening McQueen. It is suppose to be 90 Tuesday, so the smell of pizza and sour milk should clear from the van.
It was very hard returning and smiles did not come easy. We thought it was going to be a simple eye appt and radiation. But the eye doctor wanted Mason's eyes dilated for a check-up.
Mom could not convince the doctor otherwise. (She knew how much Mason dreaded this!)
The rest of the evening was grand, we celebrated at Houston's. We changed the GPS to a British accent and had some laughs.
Then Mason opened all the fun mail!! Thanks everyone for all the surprises. Mason's door is plastered with cards, even the kindergarten students sent beautiful pictures. I love the one that said" Do not be sick", and it had a picture of eggs and broccoli. (Mason's favorite food)
Mason is sound asleep this evening, opening all those cards is tiring. He's having fun multiplying the pieces of gum from all the pkgs. He should be a master at blowing bubbles soon.


Anonymous said...

Keep your heads up, your are the stongest people I know. You have a wonderful family! I'm sorry that we did not get a chance to talk while you guys were in town over the weekend...I just wanted to ensure you got to spend as much time with your family as possible. Our prayers are with you and your family always....Good night.

Angie Menzies

Brandie said...

Cheese curd and beef stick shop? Say that five times fast! Whew!! I'm glad to hear he is enjoying all his packages from everyone! Ours will be on it's way soon, too! My mom is getting one for you all, and my in-laws have something for you which I will mail asap. Take care!

ShirleyP said...

Hope things go well for you all there in Memphis. My prayers are with you always and I love you all

Stacy said...

Glad you stopped at Osceola Cheese- it is one of our favorite places! Next time you do this drive, be sure to stop at Lamberts- home of the throwed rolls-it is well worth it! Glad to know your mothers day was together! Be well my friends!

Anonymous said...

We knew you were creative when we watched your movie but your poem is truly amazing! What a wonderful job! Thinking of you everyday. Sending you our love, Aunt G and Uncle S in NY.