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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mud River Island

This morning we headed to Mud River Island Park, just a mile from us. We rode the monorail over the Mississippi River. Or as Ally says, "a rollercoaster ride over the Sippy River." We rode paddle boats and enjoyed the map of the river, you could wade through. We also enjoyed the beauty of the South. Then we came back to more smiles, mail!! Thanks to everyone for brightening Mason's day. He got a wonderful prayer quilt that both Ally and him are snuggling under right now. They are watching Tooth Fairy. Mom just got done watching a video from Brookridge BBQ and miss home more than ever. And it won't be any easier because Eddie is flying home on Monday to return to work. Thank you everyone, for making our days a little easier. Love to all.


Amy said...

Thank you for your daily updates. Andria, it will be hard to say good bye to your husband tomorrow but Maverick will sure be glad to have daddy by his side again! It seems Ally is good company, keeping you and Mason laughing. My husband and I went to the BBQ at Brookridge on Friday night. It was a lovely evening and I thought of you as we enjoyed our food and the people. Hang in there.
Amy, the crossing guard

Tom said...

Hi Andria and Mason,
We had a good soccer game yesterday, even though we lost again. Our teamwork has gotten so much better this year. Some of the players didn't show up, so all the boys got really tired because they had to play the whole game. We miss having Mason's strong kick and good sportsmanship out there. I hope when fall rolls around you'll feel like playing, Mason.

We have one more game. It won't stop raining long enough to play it! Of course, we haven't had as much rain as you had in Tennessee, but it's still very wet. I think we're going to try again on Thursday night. Maverick is going to wear Mason's shirt for the game. That will be funny, because it will look like a tent on him, he is so much smaller. We'll take pictures. I am thinking about you guys every day. Just a few more weeks to home.
Coach Semie

The Harvey's said...

Thanks so much for the daily updates. It's the first thing I check each morning. You've done a great job in keeping everyone informed of your day to day activities. Sorry that Eddie will be going home tomorrow, but I know that Maverick will be happy to have his dad home, too. There was love galore for your family at the BBQ Friday night! You are in our thoughts & prayers each night!

Greg & Melinda Harvey

Brandie said...

The bbq was a great evening! So many presenters stayed to eat and support Mason, it was sweet to see! I'm sorry to hear Eddie has to go back home, but feel happy for Maverick that he gets to spend time w/Daddy, since I am sure he has been missed. I hoped you enjoyed Susan's video.:) She worked hard during the bbq and Science Night to make it and her talent shows through all the smiles and signs. It was a great night and I hope Maverick enjoyed himself. Miss you all!