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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

There was a tug on my heart this Mother's Day weekend. The realization that I needed to be in 2 spots, so after a doctor's approval, we were on our way. We headed home Friday afternoon. It was a long drive to KC. I can't explain the comfort of home. We all needed a trip home! We watched Maverick play soccer and baseball. Sometimes the day seemed so normal. The boys argued and played. But things were not all the same. Mason was not out on the field, he has a battle inside that he is fighting each day. And what about that odd feeling of not knowing what to say to friends, he just wants things to be the same. This is not something he can just shake away, my brave boy, we love you so each day. And his brother , we will miss while away in Memphis.
We are a strong family. I am so proud this Mother's Day for so many reasons.
Thank you Mason, Maverick and Ally. And thank you, Mom for making me who I am today.
To all the moms, Happy Mother's Day, not just today but everyday!


Mary Werth said...

The best Mother's Day present of all, being surrounded by all 3 of your kids in your very own loving home! How long can you stay? Have a safe trip back and enjoy your Mother's Day.

Brandie said...

I wish you a safe return to St. Jude and a great Mother's Day home. You are an amazing mom!

Anonymous said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you as I present you to God and Our Lady.

Jerry Morin