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Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's me Mason

Hello! Thank you everyone. My picture made the paper today in New Jersey. Today we watched tv, we never left the room. I'm losing hair only on the sides. I took a boring nap. It is very hot here. My sister and I watched Harry and the Hendersons she was scared. Ally should join the circus and ride on elephants.The boy scouts cooked dinner for us. I had chicken and green beans I wonder what people are doing? My sister is snoring. We are going to watch Extreme home makeover and play Farkle. I can't wait to go home. I hope in 23 more days.
here is a picture of a viper,this is Allys favorite pet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mason!

Its cousin Tom from NY. I like that movie. I ate steak and corn on the cob tonight at my friends house. We played kickball too. It is hot here. If your hair is coming out on the sides does that mean you will have a Mohawk? I want one and my mom says no! You would be cool with one. I hope we can play again soon. My pool is open! Tommy (with mom's help)
Hi guys,

Big fat hugs and kisses to you all! Thinking of you always and praying like crazy. Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mason!

So glad to hear from you directly. You sure did make the paper today and everyone in town was thinking of you yesterday too! You are VERY popular here and everyone wants you to come visit. The police want to give you a tour of the station and let you ride in the DARE car. It's really cool...it has an xbox and flat screen TV in the trunk and other games in the back seat.

You be home soon so just hang in there. Think of it as an adventure and keep us posted on the new discoveries you find every day.

Love you
Your cousins...Carrie, Mark, Ashley & Drew

Anonymous said...

Hi!It's your cousin Ashley from NJ.That's a cool Viper snake.Did you go to the zoo?I realy want to ride on some elephants.I hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Mason, I am glad to see that Ally is not snoring next to the Viper. That would not be good. I'm with your Cousin Tom...mohawks are quite popular today. Maybe when your dad comes to visit you can both just go get one together!
Sounds like you are tryin to keep busy down there~hope the next 23 days fly by! Hang in there.
Betsy (Mallory's mom)

Brandie said...

Viper is not in your room, is he??? ;)Glad to hear you ate your green beans! Maddy likes them a little and my other kids won't touch them! We miss you but will see you soon when you are able to come home!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mason, this is Aunt Ginny and Uncle Steve, we are on vacation in Myrtle Beach this week. So far we are having fun even though we got some rain yesterday and looks like rain today. We are staying with friends in a 7 bedroom beach house that is gorgeous. We each have our own bathrooms in our rooms and as far as I know we haven't clogged any up yet. We had london broil and chicken for dinner last night, garlic potatoes, grilled garlic bread, salad and roasted veggies. For dessert we had animal crackers and pretended they were italian cannoli's. One of the friends we are with lives in NJ so they will be looking in the paper for your picture.
Losing hair is not so bad, I'm sure you have a very nice shaped head and you can pretend you are Curly from the three stooges! Hope you got our package of goodies! We love you and hope we can see you soon!