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Friday, May 7, 2010


Good Morning! We start our doctor's appts at 11:30 today. I know why Mason desires a chicken. Mason asks for eggs every morning. He especially likes boiled eggs. And chicken nuggets with ranch sauce to finish. (McDonalds for those) We are ready to finish our day and have 2 days off from radiation. Happy Friday!


Brandie said...

I like mine fried w/tobasco! I love eggs too, Mason! :)

Anonymous said...

mixed in fried rice! KSL

Brenda said...

My prayers go to you and the family. I love eggs tooo. Brenda

David Kempf said...

But Mason, if you finish with McNuggets, how will you have any eggs the next day? :P Have a great weekend kiddo, you deserve it!

Your Nebraska cousin, Dave

Celeste said...

Oh my gosh Eddie--you've got to tell Mason this funny: my 3yr old daughter LOVED boiled eggs while on steroids. One time, during her first few month (when the steroids were high) she ate 6 eggs all in a row. As stupid as this sounds, she wasn't eating anything else-so we "thought it was ok". 6 eggs came right back up :) Yuck! So--beware. There's a limit and Mason won't tell you :) Alli was also partial to MacD's. Where's 50 for $10 when you need it? :) Needless to say, we don't eat boiled eggs ever anymore.

Celeste said...

Oh my gosh Eddie- My 3 yr old daughter once while on steroids ate 6 boiled eggs in a row (30 mins...). She wasn't eating anything but boiled eggs (literally!). Well- we found out that 6 is too much for a 3 yr old :) All 6 came back up--so be sure to find Mason's limit, because I bet he won't tell you, but you'll find out!:) My Alli loved MacD nuggets too. Where's 50 for $10 when we need it!
Eat 'em up-- they are sooo yummy!

Anonymous said...


I have a question from your cousin Ashley in NJ. She wants to know if there is a McDonalds in the Ronald McDonald House? If so, is it open all day and night so you can get a chocolate milkshake whenever you want?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mason,

This is Danny Wiskur and his family writing. We learned about what you and your family are going through from Mrs. Harris. I miss you and have been praying for you each day. I have been very concerned about you and hope you get better.
Danny Wiskur