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Monday, May 3, 2010

$50 Popsicle

Ally had her first ER visit last night after cracking her head into the night stand. If it wasn't for being miles away from home and blood gushing from her head, we probably would have just monitored her condition. After all, she stopped crying and said" I'm o.k., I cracked open my head" She did not need stitches, and she enjoyed her $50 popsicle. She came back and told us she would not do that again. Mason was very worried. We all got a good night rest. Mason does not need a port, since chemo treatments will be in a tablet form not an IV. We start our next appt at 10:30 and our last apt is over at 7 pm. Thanks for thinking of us.


dmeryan said...

Oh no, poor Ally! Sounds like she handled it all quite well. My son Jack cracked his head open a few months ago and had to have it glued together - why do they always land on their cute little heads? Yea on the no port needed news. I had to have blood drawn today and I too hate needles. But I thought, if Mason can do it, so can I and it was no problem. :) I'll be thinking and praying...

Diane Ryan

Brandie said...

Glat to hear the chemo can be done orally. I bet that is a big relief to Mason. He is such a trooper! Sorry about Ally's little noggin. Sammy had hit his head about three or four years ago and they really do bleed on that area!!! Only three staples, which he slept through, but enough of a scare for mom! Not him, he was back to wrestling the following day! Miss you!

Brandie said...

I meant miss you all! ;)

Anonymous said...

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!!!

Tell Ally, Mason and Maverick that I will give them FREE popsicles when you all get home. No need for head cracking.
Miss you and am thinking about you often...ok, ALL the time.

The Harvey's (Greg, Melinda, & Jack and big brother Tyler) said...

Jack did the same thing when I, myself, came home from the hospital with a broken arm. He threw a rock up into the air (a big one) and it landed straight on his head. The head really bleeds a ton and makes it look so much worse than it really is - he got his head "glued" as well! We are thinking of you guys and I agree with Celia - we'll have a bag of "free" popsicles for them when you return!

The Harvey's

Bailey said...

I will be praying for your whole family! Mason is one tough kid! Is it okay if I add him to my church prayer list at COR? I figure the more praying the more God is listening. Someone once told me that God hates cancer since it hurts his children. You are all in his hands right now! God bless!
love bailey

rohan said...

alright he is in my school i bought a bracelet that they were selling for 3$ and i bought 2 i want to help this kid with my whole life life is a book god reads a book many times at once once he is done with the book he invites the auther to live with him and if he dosnt like the book he dosnt invite the auther