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Monday, May 31, 2010

Beale Street

We had a wonderful weekend. We visited the Memphis zoo, Maverick and Ally enjoyed the areas you can splash around. Mason enjoyed watching and talked about the next venture-Steak. He was anxious to visit Hard Rock Cafe, his 2nd one. So we visited the famous Beale Street, and he ordered steak at the Hard Rock cafe. The waiteress was so nice, and presented each of the kids t-shirts and then they got to go on stage. After dinner Mason was tired, and almost fell asleep on the carriage ride. What a beautiful evening. Eddie heads home tomorrow. But, only 11 more days, and hopefully he can return for the last weekend.


Amy said...

So many great pictures! Wow, only 11 more days. That is no time at all. You'll all be home before you know it. Hi to everyone.
~Amy, the crossing guard

The Kempf Family said...

Actually 15 more days, we hope. But Eddie can hopefully come back in 11 to join us for the last few days, we are hoping the days go fast. It is great having the boys together. :)

Brandie said...

So happy for you to have all your kids in one place! Miss you all!