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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chick Magnet

Good evening. Not much to say today. We downloaded some music and Mason can listen to his Ipod during radiation!! We also ventured out to Wal-mart. I told Mason he could fill the shopping cart, when he didn't reply I started clothes shopping. I picked out a shirt for Mason with a baby chick and magnet. He liked it, until I explained chick magnet. We ended the evening with pizza and ice cream, he fell asleep to the first chapter of "Sir Fartsalot" It is a book that Ally enjoys too. Ally had her daily nap, so she is currently building a talking fridge out of legos. Her friends, Sheesha, Mootha, and whattoe and mooota are playing with her. She has taken the "Lightening McQueen" craze to a new level. We got out of Wal-mart without the Cars PJs. Instead of good-night it's kachow!


Bobbi and family said...

LOL...Chick magnet....luv it..Sounds like a shirt Anthony would wear.. Im so happy that Mason recieved an I-pod!!! How cool is that...

mena said...

Mason you are doing an awesome job handling all of this medicine.stay strong Mason,you can do it!Love you Mason you are  strong scout!Mena family