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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Memphis Zoo

What a wonderful trip to the Memphis Zoo, it took Mason's mind off Monday's full day of doctor visits. He keeps reminding us that he is going to enjoy being a kid. I never captured so much from a trip to the zoo. We were the only ones there for a long time, the only ones at the sea lion show. It was an awesome zoo and we got to see all the animals up close. Mason's favorite the Tiger and Ally's the Rattlesnake. We thought of Maverick as we watched the penguins swim. A day full of memories and smiles. We are all a little home sick, but make the best of each day. Thank you everyone for all the support it means so much! Mason says hello and would love to be at home, so tomorrow we will start the countdown.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good day at the zoo -- good to know you have a fun retreat close by. We will be thinking of you tomorrow.... Kristy

mallory said...

hi this is mallory i was thinking of you guys when i saw that there was a flood in nashville. i hope you didnt get stuck in it. ive been thinking about you guys. i miss seeing mason playing in the front yard. hope to see you all home and same. best wishes! :) mallory and betsy

mallory said...

i ment to say home and safe! :p

Stacy said...

Please feel free to e-mail us the penguin photos- with all the research we did on them, I am sure all the kids would love to see them on Maverick and Mason's behalf!- thanks again for keeping us posted! you need to check out Graceland while you are in Memphis.
Be well! (I mean it!)
Stacy Hollander

Brandie said...

Sounds like it was a very good time at the zoo! Miss you all! Good luck tomorrow as you start the count down. We can't wait to see Mason back home and feeling good! :)