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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Giant Hug

We are so blessed this Sunday morning. Thank you to everyone for adding Mason to your prayers, I can not believe how many people have added him to their prayer list. And thanks for everyone that has sent an email, a card, package or have something on its way. Thanks for the family and friends back at home for taking care of everything here, from mowing, to taking Maverick to practice, to just keeping our family in your thoughts. For all the little things, it all means so much. We could go on and on. The outpouring of love from, near and far. Everyone is making a difference for Mason. We are sending a giant hug this morning to everyone that has made a difference in our lives. We are heading back to Memphis today with everyone close to our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Andria.

Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day, Andria. I imagine the long drive home and back was worth it to be surrounded by your WHOLE family and in your own home. And what a beautiful day you had here on Saturday. Please tell Mason I think about him each day and send him (and all of you) positive thoughts.
Amy, the crossing guard

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day Andria.I'm glad you could make it back home this weekend. Have a safe trip.Stay strong.
P.S.Milad says" Mason get well soon"

The Harvey's said...

So happy you were able to come home this weekend! WE think of you everyday! What a great picture too!!! I know you treasure these moments!

Greg & Melinda Harvey

Bobbi and Family said...

So happy you were all together for Mothers Day!!!