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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Address and 2nd Treatment

We have a new address, the St. Jude address works too. Today was a long day, Mason was up almost every hour last night, after falling asleep early. So far so good, we've had our second radiation and two rounds of chemo. We will wake him again at 1 am again for meds. We are slowly moving meds every night (30 minutes) so eventually we won't have to wake him.Mason made this picture during art and craft activity today. We love the Ronald McDonald house, we are all unpacked and ready to stay for our duration. Mason will receive chemo until Sept. 13th. But we hope to be home somtime mid or late June. We visited the Mississippi River, and it was too high for good rock hunting. Not the kind of rocks Mason was hoping for, he decided finding crystals and arrowheads was pretty hard. Ally warned us, "be careful not to step in the dog poop" I think the days are started to become more routine, it is so hard waiting for appointments, but we make the best of it and continue to meet other families that are hanging on to that same word, "HOPE."


Brandie said...

We are hanging on right here with you! Thanks for the evening post. This is my fourth or fifth time on tonight checking to see if you had an update. I am so glad to hear he was able to get out today and look around for rocks. Too bad the river was not into cooperating! I agree w/Ally, beware of doggie poo!

Mary Werth said...

So glad chemo is tablet form and that after 2 rounds he is feeling well enough for outdoor adventures. Mason is truly an amazing talented artist. Is it a painting or made of some other material. HOPE, LOVE & FAITH.

Anonymous said...

Hi mason
my name is Daniel J. Fox google my best selling book, "arrowheads of the Central Great Plains" by me! Published by collector books
well I have walked, canoed, floated, swam and slept on many rivers looking for arrowheads. It's a lot less tougher road than the one you are traveling upon. Yes it's hard but only because it takes patience and a never quit attitude. Do you know I started looking for arrowheads because I wanted to find a Clivis Spear point? Clovis points were used to hunt woolly mammoth. I wanted to find one. It's been said I have one of the greatest personnaly found collections in the world. Well most of it was found in the first four years hunting nearly 80 hours a week. I didn't find so much as a broken Clovis for nearly five years. Then one day before Christmas I woke early and went to the Kansas river. It was Dec 3rd 1998, that year I made a new years resolution that I would set my nearly 3000 finds to the wolves if I did not find a notched point over 5 inches and a solid Clovis point. Well the sun came out and as I stood on the bank I remembered my resolution and noted I just had a couple weeks left. So only 20 feet in on the gravel I saw a long point between the waves on the eaters edge, I carefully slide it out and I was holding a perfect 5-1:2 inch notched point, wow I was thrilled! I finished the waters edge and came upstream about knee deep in water. I could see thru the clear water onto a huge shelf of fresh gravel. After a min I glimpsed a flash of some green flint maybe glass, I kinda list it but put my hand down and grabbed. Before my hand broke out into the air, I knew I had found what I had been looking for. 5 inches long over 7 colors and perfect was a fluted mamoth killer.
Today it's value is untold as it has been published in over a half dozen published works, it is the only arrowhead from Kansas on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institute.
Patience never give never look up always keep your head down.
In your case metaphorically speaking, keep your head up, between you and me physically keep your nose to the rocks, daydreamers find nothing. Anything and everything ever lost is right there on the ground even 13,500 years later.
You hit that missisippi again like a hungry dog don't you ever quit and when you are done, found something or not, tell yourself there is always tommorow. Here's till tommorow mason, your spearpoint will not be found by anyone else it waits for you.

wekempf said...

What a great post, Daniel!

Anonymous said...

I agree, very nice! We need to get Mason this book!

Anonymous said...

Daniel that gave me goosebumps. Very inspiring and I bet Mason would love the book, but love to see your awesome collection more. Very nice. Mason, stay strong, stay focused but enjoy everything you can! We are thinking about you and miss seeing you in the neighborhood!