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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It is amazing how a simple trip to Target or Wal-mart can make us feel at home. Sad huh? We never had so much fun, men's t-shirts-(not appropriate at all) But oh my, Mason and I could not stop laughing. I almost bought them all to have them plastered on our walls. And then we bought Phineas and Ferb Daze of Summer DVD. The laughs continued, Mason says, "I can't get enough of this movie." Smiles were delivered by a huge package from Boy Scout Pack 3375. And more from friends. More laughs from a monster and rubber chicken! A huge thank you to everyone!!! From movies, food, maple syrup, books, games, etc. Mason no longer has a reason to say," I am bored!" 27 more days and counting. Dad and Maverick come help us eat all the goodies. (Above: Ally proudly displays her cardboard photo frame, she has carried around for a week, and her lastest friend is Fredo.)


Anonymous said...

I love Mason's haircut but I got to tell you...that smile melts my heart!!!

Cuz Carrie

Anonymous said...

Those are the BEST smiles!!


Anonymous said...

Andria, I have never been to a Ronald McDonald house before but it looks much bigger than I thought it would be. Is it like a hotel? How many families can it hold? Are there any kids Mason and Ally's age that they have connected with? Makes me want to see if there are ways Mallory and I can volunteer at our local R.M. House.
Mal's ready for her lemonade stand Saturday ~ hope this rain is over and the sun comes out like they thought. Hugs to you all. The neighborhood is lonely without your kids playing games in the front yard, although we did see Maverick out rollerblading the other night. :) I luv reading about all of your adventures. End my day with some chuckles and a prayer...

wekempf said...

My kids love Phineas and Pherb as well. Quite the funny cartoon. Glad you guys are finding the time to laugh and smile. You're making so many wonderful memories here, and I'm glad you're sharing them with us.