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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moving and a Chicken

We are officially moving to a Ronald McDonald house tomorrow, but we will be checking the hospital everyday for mail. The other girl we met today was named Sherell. Mason really misses playing with the neighborhood kids. By the way, Mason is having crazy dreams. He woke up and keeps asking," where is Maverick?" and now he wants a pet chicken. I am trying to grant his every wish but we really have to think about this one.


Anonymous said...

If you really want to give him a chicken. I have a friend that has a chicken farm. Let him raise the chick and when it grows up it can go live with the other chickens at the farm. He raises them for eggs, so the chicken will have a nice long life.


Jamie Pannell said...

Roy has 2 chickens at his Grandma's. Maybe when you come home we can bring them by. Their names are Henny and Penny. They are really sweet and he can hold them. We are thinking of you and missing you.

Kimberlee Neal said...

Ayden wanted me to let you all know he misses Mason and you all are in our prayers. He still has Maverick around so that has helped. If you guys need help with anything, You know we are just down the street from the house with bricks as Ally said. Miss you all and thinking and paraying for all of you often.

zmarquardt said...

LOL...Should we start working on plans for a chicken roost for your back yard? It will make for a nice Revit project!

Anonymous said...

We miss you guys! Everyday Ian and Eli ask if Mason is home yet...we continue to pray for everyone and wish you all the strength in the world as you go through the next 6 weeks away from home....

Angie, Drew, Ian and Eli

kim said...

We tried the chidken thing over here on 95th Terrace. It did not go over very well with City Council. It got my kiddos on the news though :-0! Hang in there Mason. WE MISS YOU AT BROOKRIDGE! Katie Ruth and her Mom, Kim