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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The highlight of our trip

It all started with a simple flush, mom was distracted by the computer. Mason very calmly says,"Oh no!" Just as I turn to a tidal wave of water coming at me. It's amazing how quickly we flooded our room. Yes another clogged toilet. This time maintenance had to help clean our flooded room. While racing to save our belongings, Mason saved my flip flops, and Ally decided to dance with the towels (we used everyone) Overall, Mason thinks this was the highlight of our trip, "Well now you have something to tell people from our Memphis trip". I laughed and laughed, and the rest of the day we had the giggles.


The Kempf Family said...

OK I can't figure out why I can not post pictures, because yes, I took pictures, I take pictures of everything! I know how disappointed everyone is, I even tried a new post, Oh well, time to do some laundry-yes the towels. Ha Ha!

Eddie (dad) said...

At least you can't blame me this time.

Anonymous said...

That's not the first time you've clogged a toilet!!! That's hilarious.