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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bingo Night

What a fun night! We ended our appointments earlier than expected and played Bingo tonight. Mason was excited to win a lego set and Trouble game and Ally won a tea set and Spiderman cards. It was a great evening. Tomorrow is our first day of treatments, both chemo and radiation. We start at 9 and end by 3 p.m. Then he wants to visit Harbortown and go rock hunting. It's a park close to the Mississipi river. It was wonderful seeing him smile tonight after a sad lunch today. Mason just wants to go home and stay home. It's hard keeping his mind occupied during the doctor's visits. His DS and the playrooms are boring. I have to share Mason is finding humor in all the boredom. To my surprise, while visiting the Chaplain (of all people), he mumbled, "we are from Kansas where we taze buffalo in their butt." I am so glad he did not hear him say that!! And then he came out of the bathroom today with wet hair and said, "I just got a swirly." He knows how to make us smile. And he deserves nothing but smiles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
Even as you go through this terrible ordeal your blogs are so funny. I read them to my husband and we both laugh. From the title ($50.00 popsicle is my favorite so far) to the content (Mason won me over the I'm from Kansas where we taz animals in the butt). You guys are SO full of life and fun, even in this dark time in your lives. Very inspirational!

Love to all

Anonymous said...

With all the joy people bring, all the toys, and prayers, and well wishes, it sure is hard to believe there is actually bad in this world, huh? Keep up the positive attitude. It is infectious-to everyone, including your kids! You all are making the best of not being home-and creating all these mini-adventures to keep your mind in the positive direction! Continue on! And we'll continue to send our prayers and love!

Brandie said...

I bet Ally loved the combination of Spiderman cards and a tea set! ;) Mason's outlook is amazing, his humor also! Have fun rock hunting. I bet he is looking forward to it! :)

jkempf said...

Just got to thinking about what Mason said to the chaplain - any clue where he gets this type of information - ?DAD? It is always the young that give us a great perspective on things.
God Bless you and as always you all are in our prayers. Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I don't know if you realize it or not, but this blog not only keeps us up to date, but give us a daily dose of chuckles. Be strong.

Love Ya! Aunt Gail

Anonymous said...

Please tell Mason that Joe and I cracked up at the Buffalo tazing crack that he made! We are thinking of you....Liz, Joe and family....

Anonymous said...

I hope that you all have a good weekend. Hope that it is nice then for. Ti is cold and rairing here in N.Y. You are all in my heart and Prayers love you aunt kim