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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful for you

Good Morning. There is so much I want to say, do and share. As I lie awake in the middle of the night, I think of how 2011 has started and think of how grateful we are because of you. Our spirits continue to be lifted in many ways. Thank you for touching our lives, making a difference, sharing Mason's story, the power of friendship, and prayer. We are thankful for such wonderful organizations and the donations in Mason's honor to St. Jude, Make a Wish and Ronald McDonald House. Who would have imagined Mason and Maverick's idea of a Make a Wish tree would end up in the coming together of friends, family and Eddie's co-workers to raise $3,842. They have raised enough to grant another child's wish. And every time I mention it; the boys beam with pride and accomplishment. Thank you for your support. And your continued support; a friend from Mason's school is collecting money at her birthday party for Make a Wish.

There are angels among us and our family feels the love of God surrounding us. We have invitations from so many local churches and prayer chains from CA to NY. Our eyes are wide open; after all we have experienced we look for the good in everything. And hope that Mason's story continues to touch many lives. Mason is not just an average kid, he has hopes, dreams, and ambition. He is extraordinary, a gift from God. So much he has accomplished, but so much more to accomplish.

For the last 9 years, I have asked Mason what he wants to do when he grows up; no matter the answer, knowing we will support him. Here are some of answers, a football player, a dentist, a crossing guard, a police officer, a solider, a bank owner, a fire fighter, a secret agent, anything with a computer, a scientist, each year a different answer. This spring at St. Jude, he whispered in my ear, " Can I ask Santa for a college degree?" He never brought it up again. Here's to being a kid and dreaming of being whatever you want to be! Keeping dreaming and Reach for the Stars! And May Hope, Love and Faith always be by with you. We hope Childhood Cancer awareness continues to spread through Mason's journey, because we are not alone. Thank you continuing to share our story. Mason says, "I am SO HUNGRY!!"


Oline said...

Dearest Anderia,

I've never posted on your blog, but I've followed it since the first post. My son, Nicholas Jenkins, went to school at Brookridge in 2nd and 3rd grades and, of course, was friends with Mason. Now he goes to Oak Park-Carpenter, but he still talks about Mason and he ask how is he doing every morning when he gets up, because he knows mom has already checked the blog to see how everyone is doing. I must say that you have changed the way that I and my family view life and each other. With every stroke of your keyboard you are changing lives, especially mine. I no longer complain about the small stuff, toys laying around, jackets not hung up, legos everywhere. So thank you for your honesty and openess and for opening my eyes to what is really important...FAMILY. I must say that you have become one of my heros.

With much love and admiration,
Oline, Jason, Nicholas, Kali and Abianna Jenkins

Brandie said...

Ditto to the above! What ever he craves, let me know if I can pick it up!!! :) Love you guys!!!

Kirsten said...


Perhaps the Make a Wish Tree can be an annual project? I wonder if the city would let us decorate one of the trees in pinehurst estates park for that purpose?

Anonymous said...

Your commitment and dedication to your blog postings have been so inspirational for many of us. You have truly taught us to look for and enjoy the "small things" in our lives every day. Your very open and honest feelings and emotions are real. You are so wise to acknowledge and embrace them. Feelings and emotions are never wrong or bad, they are our response to the happenings of life. God bless all five of you.

Anonymous said...

We are also very proud of Mason and Maverick for thinking of how they can help others. As always, we send our love, Aunt G and Uncle S in NY.