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Friday, January 28, 2011

Another good day!

Happy Friday!! We celebrated Maverick's 9th birthday a little early. His actually birthday is on the 1st of February, born during an ice storm; I see the weather is forecasting a potential snowstorm this year.
Maverick asked Mason what kind of cake he would like, and ordered a cookie cake per Mason's request. I don't think it was a coincidence that Mason received an official letter from the American Philosophical Society from the town of Brotherly LOVE!! 55 pieces of mail arrived today. A book of Australian wildlife kept us entertained before dinner. Our Kansas wall is exploding with LOVE!! We are trying to figure new ways to decorate the walls as our shutter doors are completely full. Someone dropped off the cute Pug card at our doorstep. We also received Georgia, and New Mexico cards today. Along with Greece, Spain and 3 from Australia and 2 from Canada. We received the card with the most signatures, 46 from Kansas City Kansas Curves group.What a great start to our weekend!!!! The smiles are priceless as our evening ends on a happy note. We can't forget to mention of another team of angels from Home Depot. They not only are taking care of a clogged drain, but also with some other home repairs. Mason can't wait to take a bath with the new safety bar and new faucet. We are deeply touched by their support.


Melinda said...

Your blog is the first thing I check every morning and my heart is so happy with all the love and support and excitement you all must feel every day! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful acts of kindness from friends and strangers - it's so heartwarming. We will see you on the 1st at Chili's!!

Amy said...

I, like Melinda, also check your blog first thing. I am so excited about the success of your Valentine project. It won't be long before your walls are completely covered with Valentines! It will be impossible not to feel the love when you just sit in your living room and look around! What joy, what a great family. So glad that Mason has been feeling better...bummer that he has the stomach flu now...hope it's just the 24 hour kind and he is feeling better really soon.
love, Amy

Brandie said...

Tell Maverick that is one yummy looking cookie cake!!! He did a great job picking it out! :) I am with Melinda and Amy, your blog is the first thing in the mornings and usually the last thing I check every day. (Even though sometimes I don't post a comment, I am ALWAYS reading your words and ispired by what you write!) It is so wonderful to see so many folks who care! All that mail!! I bet even the mailman has a smile on his face when he is sorting it- who wouldn't?! I can't wait to read about what Monday's mail brings!!! Hope Mason is feeling better today and looking forward to Chili's night!!! :)
Love, hugs and prayers we are sending your way!!!