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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning..

Good Morning! It's Monday. We were excited to receive 9 more valentines on Saturday. Indiana is in the lead with 3. Smiles from the Hoosier State. Pennsylvania the farthest so far. Oklahoma City was our first State Capitol. The fun has started!!

Saturday was the Pinewood Derby, Mason stayed home and rested. Maverick raced both his car (the yellow Lightening) and Mason's (Stripes) . Mason was thrilled to receive a green car with a hand painted Tiger to add to his collection of Derby cars; and everyone in Pack 3375 signed a plaque for him. Thank you Pack 3375.

Sunday was a quiet day; by mid-afternoon Maverick wanted to go run at the track. So Mason decided he wanted to visit the pool. (It is shallow and not over this head) It was crazy, but we loaded up the car, dropped Ally off at my parents and headed for the gym. Mason lasted 5-10 minutes in the pool. We arrived during the busiest time, what were we thinking? I know Mason loves the pool; and once in the water it is a place to feel normal. We found a quiet spot and tried to focus on the waves, but he mumbled, "home". I was glad Maverick was o.k about missing his swim. Mason almost drifted off to sleep by 7 as he laid on the couch the rest of the evening and dozed off at 8 p.m. Tummy aches consume his evenings, and he moans until he is asleep.

If you live in the KC area, mark your calendars: Tuesday February 1 (dinner hours) The Overland Park Chili's is having a fundraiser for Mason. This would be a great time to wear the "Green" Make a Difference shirts or The bright yellow "I'm Aware shirts".
Chili's is near the intersection of 119th and Metcalf. It is located in the same shopping center as Bed Bath and Beyond and 24 Hour Fitness. More details to follow soon. Chili's will provide fliers sometime this week.


Brandie said...

It is on our calendar! Love you guys!!!

Celeste said...

My Alli has made a point every dinner to pray for Mason. We'll be there, my Alli will be all smiles to support Mason. It makes me happy, she's only met Mason once, yet feels so connected. Stay laughing.

ladypoetess said...

I'm Pennsylvania, so it may have been me, yay! :D

I know I've personally talked to friends in Canada, Portugal, France, and Australia (and also I think Japan) that are planning to send cards, so more international love should be heading your way!