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For the beauty of Snow and Magic on Christmas :
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello everyone!! So much to say. We are so excited to receive the first Valentine!! Congratulations Indiana, the first state on our map-You beat Kansas! Thanks to the Jones Family from Avon, Indiana. Mason is watching for the mail truck everyday. And Maverick is excited to be helping locate each state and place the heart stickers. We even have stars for state Capitols. Thanks for the smiles coming from across the country and overseas.

We are loving the beautiful snowflakes and gazing out at the white ground. Maverick was excited for another snow day on Thursday, so glad he enjoys shoveling.
A giant thank you to Mrs. Nierman's 4th graders from Turner Elementary in Kansas . They sent beautiful cards about SNOW!!! And they shared a story about William Bentley; the Snowflake Man. Here is Snowflake Bentley's story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8U9zRq15g0 We enjoyed watching his story and enjoy the true beauty of snowflakes even more now.
There is beauty all around. If you are feeling down about snow, watch the video for a new prospective. Mason is looking forward to the book, Snow Crystals. Below is a picture from Bentley's snowflake collection. Maverick found the pictures to be unreal, but he should know there is magic in snowflakes.

Mason had a rough week. Especially at night, with tummy aches and not sleeping the whole night through. He cries hunger all day. When the going gets tough, Ally is there with a hug, and we try and laugh as much as we can. And Maverick jumps in to help whenever he can.

Today is the pinewood derby, Maverick is looking forward to racing both his car and Mason's. Thanks everyone for being here, I get goosebumps daily from the love surrounding us.


Stacey said...

I am so thrilled Mason received our snow cards! My kids have been asking every day if he got them. I can't wait to share this blog entry with them on Monday! They were very excited to share information about Snowflake Bentley and see more snow in the forecast because they knew Mason would love it. Please know you are always in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the Derby - I know they will both do well!

Anonymous said...

I just learned about your son. I'm saying prayers for your entire family. I know cancer is a hard road and sometimes God doesn't finish it the way we like. Thoughts and many prayers are with all of you at this time....enjoy the gift you're given in each day of life, make memories (no matter how small) that you can hold onto FOREVER! Love in Christ, Pam Caterson, Montrose, PA