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Monday, January 24, 2011

Love has arrived...

Hello and thank you!! Our morning started a little rough as mom could not understand the word, "Fork." Mason wanted a fork with his fruit salad. Go ahead; visualize me shrinking to the size of a rat, because that is how I felt. The rest of the day went well. Mason even dozed off in the afternoon. The joy started right before dinner as the mail arrived!! We enjoyed opening mail as Maverick filled the map with heart stickers. We have 28 states complete, and I have a feeling more is on the way. It was so much fun reading all the special messages, and hanging all the cards. We are plastering the wall with postcards and the living room shutter doors work great for holding cards. We will do our best to share all the joy and love from around the world. There is no way possible to mention each and everyone, just know we truly thank you and enjoy every card. I am so glad we can share some of the smiles with you. A big thank you!!

What do you feed a teddy bear? Nothing- He's already stuffed!! Thanks Donna from Virginia.
Our youngest card sender so far: Four year old Teya from Ohio
Mason's enjoying chocolate ice cream thanks to Carole from East Texas!!
We are finding some new places we would love to travel, like these pictures from Oregon(Crater Lake, one of the bluest lakes in the world)

Our first international postcard from London

Love from Arizona and Alaska!!

One of my favorites : We believe in rainbows, happy endings and dreams come true!!


Amy said...

I am so excited for the joy that Mason, you, and the rest of the family will receive every day with this amazing Project Valentine that you conceived. This is just another example of one of your incredible ways you have come up with to make the most of this journey that you and your family are on. You are amazing. I am so appreciative of the time you take to update your blog on a regular basis, with words and pictures, and even jokes! ♥

Anonymous said...

A friend told me about your blog. As I read, my heart breaks, however, at the same time I am filled with some unexpected feelings...JOY that Mason has such a wonderful, loving, creative and inspiring family, RELIEF that without him even knowing it, he has helped so many people- if only to shake us from our own pampered reality and kiss and hug our loved ones, ADMIRATION for his strength…something he has so much of in the face of the unknown, the pain and the fear. I could go on but would likely fill the page. You are a remarkable mom for making a difficult journey as pleasant as it could be. I’m sure he so dearly appreciates that! I pray for strength, patience, and peace for your family and for Mason. You all will be in my thoughts and I will be checking back to hear the details (the good, the bad and the ugly). God Bless!

Raleah Murphey said...

The above comment from "Anonymous" could not have been better written to express my feelings. Each of you will be in my prayers daily and I will try to remember Mason and his family when everyday, trifling things bother me. May God be especially near!