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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another wake up call....

I feel as if we have entered a new stage, one that will become harder to write about, but as sleep becomes harder what else is there to do? Anyhow, I find comfort in writing.

Yesterday.... Lets just say, it's going to be hard to send Maverick to school today. He was so very helpful, grabbing drinks and helping Mason with snacks. I'd love to have another day watching the boys at play.
Mason has a loose tooth, and had a crazy idea, " I am going to ask the tooth fairy for a Ninjago battle arena." So, I said, "Why wait?" Within minutes we were in the van headed to Target. Maverick pushing the wheelchair down the aisles, as we were hunting for buried treasure. With Oreos and the Battle Arena in hand we passed the valentines. Mason was the first to point out a box, and I quickly responded, " Sure Maverick can bring yours."

All afternoon the boys built the battle arena. Mason left the room for a snack and Maverick whispered, " Mom, Mason is not helping, but that's o.k." Mason sat and watched grinning from ear to ear in anticipation, as Maverick beamed in pride with each Lego snap.

We brought McDonald's home for lunch, and even the bag from the Happy Meal made me stop and think. It is a Happy Meal after all, and we are forever grateful for Ronald McDonald house. Maverick read the bag out loud, "Mom a child gets sick, and stays at Ronald McDonald and then comes home better. "It actually says Scottie got better quicker" It was the "better" part that gave me a sick feeling inside.

Eddie came home a little early; and prepared a pre-dinner ravioli meal for Mason. And then a panic scream sent me flying up the stairs. Eddie had Mason in the Hemlich manuver; as Mason was choking. I immediately dialed 911, by the time I got the operator, Mason was o.k.
There was a cloud over our heads the rest of the night and my heart is still beating different.
Mason was able to finish some chicken noodle soup; and he loved the roast beef sandwiches delivered that night. I tried not to stare at him as he chewed each bite.

Ally ....always there to bring a smile. I came upstairs to find her on the kitchen rug. She whispered, "Mom, I can not talk" She motioned me on the rug. Quietly she said, "Stand very still , as she gazed at the kitchen floor. Then she leaped forward swooshing down and scooping up a giant imaginary fish. As the fish wiggled in her hands she said, "Now you try"

We ended our night playing Uno Attack. As we headed to bed Mason said, "My tummy feels empty" and then a laugh and then another. Not funny, but it made us all smile and the laughter still echos in my head.


Anonymous said...

Oh Andria...I so wish there was something we could do for you and your family. We understand that some things are difficult to write. Many of us watch and wait for your posts...both good and bad. We feel like we are right there with you. I just wish you could feel our arms wrapped around you.

Love you SO much..


pannellfamily said...

Carrie is so right. We wait everyday to hear your words. It does make us feel like we are there with you. I am glad your writing helps you to feel better, because your writing helps us too. We all love you guys, we are here to support you in any way needed. I am sending you hugs as well.

Amy said...

Hi Andria,
Your blog inspires all of us that follow it so I am very glad that writing is therapeutic to you. You tell wonderful stories, full of hope and smiles and sad and desperate times, too. You are honest, kind, and generous. I wonder if you are aware of how much you touch so many lives in a positive way through Mason's story? Thank you. I love you and your family.

Brandie said...

All the ladies said it well. :) Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

All our love to Mason and all of you. Hopefully our thoughts and prayers can give you strength in the days ahead. Aunt G and Uncle S in NY.

Anonymous said...

We also read every day. We want so much to be able to help you somehow. All we can do is send lots of prayers and love your way. No one should have to go through this, especially a child.

marla loveall said...

Andria I wish there was something we could say to make all of this go away and rewind life! There is a story.. you may have read it on the post that my friend Deliece sent out to Oprah with the golden cannisters? If you haven't here is a link. http://www.facebook.com/Oprah4KidsCancer#!/note.php?note_id=178488685510290 It's worth the read! You and your family have truly touched more lives than you will ever realize. Your stories impact people who have never met you or Mason. Even my kids "know" Mason and because of Mason and Braden have a different outlook on life that I'm not sure they would have if not for people like you and Deliece. Prayers for your whole family never cease!