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Friday, January 14, 2011

Just like a boat......

A boat trapped in the middle of the ocean, do we drown, or look at the beauty all around. Yesterday was one of those days where you focus on the beauty, no matter what life kept throwing at us. We are just an average family, with good days and bad. We've all have those days where the car won't start, the toliet won't flush, and you just can't catch up. You got to keep on going; keep the boat a float.

Mason has taught me so much about life. He is so easy going, carefree, smart, fun loving and when the going gets tough, laugh! He always does whatever is asked, always wanting to please. Like asking to fold laundry even when he can't stand. He is my inspiration, all he wants is to be a kid. A kid that teaches me, guides me, and makes me smile daily. He keeps my spirits up. A kid that had to grow up too soon, he keeps our boat a float.

Last night I lie awake again, focused on Maverick and Allyson this time. As Ally keeps herself occupied and escapes through imagination. She has an array of imaginary friends to play with and they all live in a castle and fly on rocket ships with Princess Ally. And Maverick stuck in between, cancer affects the entire family. Sometimes the waves come crashing down, affecting us all at different times. And it's family, friends, the community, and complete strangers that continue to lift us up and keep us from sinking.

Mason is still asleep, a rough night of tossing and turning. Yesterday he mumbled "Hungry" all day and it's hard to smile when his tummy won't fill up. He ate consistently from breakfast until 2 p.m., never feeling satisfied. He wants to continue the steroids, because they do help him on his feet. There are still those wobbly moments. And when Mason says a complete sentence, I pray I understand. Thanks everyone for helping keep our boat a float; our rainbow in the sky.


Brandie said...

Andria, you are right. We ALL have had those days where the car won't start, the toilet is indeed backed up and we can't catch up- you are correct! BUT, you have completely FOREVER changed the way I look at those days with all that you have written and done. You have shown me what it means to "Pay it forward" .With all you have done for Make a Wish, St. Jude and more, you have shown us that life is a gift- appreciate it. I feel like I have a new appreciation for everything and you are to thank for it. You remind us to see the beauty in it. Your family has touched so many on this journey. With Maverick, Ally, Eddie always doing what they can to help others. With Mason and you giving back when you can and supporting other families that are facing the same battles, you have opened all our eyes to what we can do if we put heart and soul into it. I am so thankful that you and your family are a part of my life.

Anonymous said...

I hope this helps a little. Arden often mentions Maverick in her stories about the school day. It seems he is right there in the midst of everything. I just wanted to let you know that at least at school, it seems that he has found a way to "normal".

strength and peace to you and yours, Kirsten

Anonymous said...

Brandie said it well.
I pray all the time for Maverick and Ally. It was just a year ago that the boys were out in the mounds of snow helping Dad build that awesome SuperBowl display. How bitter sweet it is that Maverick got some snow to play in but I am sure he wants his best bud, his brother, to play with him too. I wish I had Ally's imagination so I could escape the trials and tribulations of work and lifes stressors. Cancer is life changing and impacts each of you deeply!
You are so strong for all of your family. You are the most incredible bunch of funny, creative, and giving people I have ever met.
I, too, realize now life is a gift and I need to not only cherish every moment of every day, but to treat my body right. THANKS for teaching me to focus on the positive side of things and LAUGH often. New Years Resolution was to be less critical of myself and others. You have touched so many people!

Anonymous said...

You, by no means, are an ordinary family. You are...an EXTRAORDINARY family, and I look up to all of you!

Heather #1