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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lego Star Wars DAY!!

Good Morning! A rare occurrence last night, everyone slept. Mason did wake up before 5 a.m. requesting watermelon. But a pain free night!! Still yawning, Mason loves Oreo's company this morning. I know why Mason is awake. It's MARCH 22!!! Since December, he has anticipated the release of Lego Star Wars Clone Wars III video game. Guess who is getting the game today?
I pray he can maneuver the remote.

Mason loved the gifts from Vacaville High School Dance/Drill team and friends. All the way from California. It was a perfect end to Maverick's spring break. Thanks to everyone for sending well wishes and all the smiles. Below is a picture with Mason and his new friend Yoda. Something tells me Mason is not going back to sleep as he crunches on his cinnamon Life cereal this morning. As the Star Wars theme song plays in his head.

Yesterday, there was discomfort all day. I struggled as Mason was frustrated most of the day. There were times when I moved him and he did not move an inch. All he wants is to sit up straight. But his right side has him leaning and wobbly. I have never felt so weak. But today is a new day, feeling refreshed until.. Thank you for all the prayers.

As Ally fell asleep last night she smiled at me, " Is Mason going to heaven?" "God has a magic wand and Mason won't be sick" .


kim said...

Andria, I pray today that you have a day of laughter. I pray that God helps you find the right words to answer Ally questions. I pray that God gives me the right words to answer my children's questions. I pray that you have a day where you feel like warrior with a soft side. I pray that you are able to see yourself the way we see you. We see you as an amazing mom balancing your own emotions with your children's and Eddie's. We see you as a woman who is struggling with her own emotions and yet finding a way to stay strong for the rest of us. We see a woman who does not like to be known as "our hero", but we hope that you do know you are "{our hero". I am a better woman, mom and wife thanks to you my dear friend.

May you find God's Peace today,

Brandie said...

Agreeing with my friend Kim on all she said! Andria, we have you to thank. You continue to pass on your strength when you think it is gone- you pass it through your words. You keep your family strong and all of us. Love you guys so very much and I hope today is a day that Mason just can't put the remote down because he is having too good of a time playing! Wishing you all a day of laughing and hugs.


Anonymous said...

sending you love and prayers from trumbull, ct

Anonymous said...

I pray for strength and no more pain - I pray for nothing but smiles, laughter, love. I pray for you and your family.

KT said...

Echoing Kim. Have a great day playing legos.


Anonymous said...

Brandie said it all....praying from Fl.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My stepdaughter is a friend of Mason's.I just wanted to say how sorry I am and that Mason is a beautiful child.To me he is a hero battling his disease corageously and with true dignity,I don't pretend to know how painful it is for him and his family but I do know he has taught me as an adult what really matters-to love life and your friends and family,I have nothing but the best wishes for you Mason and your family!!