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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bright Stars..

Day by day... Yesterday tested all of us. I almost misspelled, it as " Testerday." So many changes day by day. Feeling helpless; if only there was more I could do. Mason waited until Maverick arrived home to play the anticipated Star Wars lego game. He played for quite some time, but what a difference. Oxygen was a necessity last night and sleep came early again. Each month brings new challenges, now each day. Like the picture above taken only 2 months ago; we hold on to every little smile. Feeling blessed with the love and support that continues to guide us. A Willow Tree angel arrived in the mail yesterday, an angel named Bright Star; holding a star. No matter the struggles in our lives, we all have those bright stars in the night sky. Thanks to all the angels/stars in our lives. You illuminate our hearts.


DJ said...

Dear Andria,

You are doing exactly as God planned that you would do; Loving your son so much and helping him with dealing his battle. You share so much with so many and are a true inspiration to all that follow Mason's life - keeping teaching all of us what is important in this world - love. I am amazed daily at the strength of you and your family.


Anonymous said...

You are Mason's star--each and everyone of you Kempf Family. Keep shining bright!

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with the other comments posted today! Just as you are Mason's angel, your mom is being your angel helping you each day. Remember it's okay for you rely on other angels, such as hospice nurses, who are there to provide support for you and to help you with Mason's physical care. This will free your time and soul for the mutual spiritual support you all need. Your family is indeed an inspiration!

Brandie said...

Love you so much, thinking and praying with all my heart and soul.

Misic Family said...

Keep taking one day at a time. I hope you don't ever feel overwhelmed with all you have to experience through this difficult journey.

Please remember that you are never alone you have GOD's love and the love and support of friends, family and even strangers surrounding you all always.

Nobody truly understands what it is like to walk in your shoes unless they have personally gone through this themselves. I just know that your grace, strength and continued faith make you an angel and an inspiration to us all. May GOD bring you all peace and comfort each day.

Melissa, Zoran, Aubrey, Zach & Zaylee

kim said...

Angels DO come in various forms and shapes. They come in the form of a friend saying the right thing at the right time. They come in the form of nurses who want to help. They come in the form of medicine to help manage the pain. They come in the form of little brothers and sisters. Please know that you are my bright shining star that I am praying for love, life and laughter.

Take it one moment at time,

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are the same as the comments that are before me. Love you all
Aunt Shirley