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Friday, March 4, 2011


Way to go Maverick!!

A quick morning update. Mason had a much better day on Thursday. Soaking up some rays outside while playing checkers with mom and Don't Wake Daddy with Ally. And Mason attended Maverick's musical. Mason was very proud of his brother; and beamed with pride after Maverick read his lines. So excited that we were there. We are so proud for both boys; Ally even sat quietly enjoying the show.

Straight to the heart
After we arrived home; what a night of Honor. Mason received his flag from Afghanistan. Also a Commander's Coin of Excellence. I have no words. It was the proudest moment. You have given Mason his greatest honor and fulfilled a dream. I just wish we could give each and everyone of our new friends/heroes in Afghanistan the biggest hug ever and thank them in person. So proud of our United States Armed Forces. We are Strong because of YOU!!

As he closed his eyes; Mason held on tight to his greatest honor.


Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you all at Brookridge.

I caught a glance of Mason's beaming face as Mavrick said his lines. What a GREAT big brother!

Hope today brings another day of joy and sunshine to you and your family.


Brandie said...

An incredbile day indeed! Love and prayers to you all! :) It is so neat to see heroes come together, no matter what they are figting for- each may have a different battle, but they all know courage and strength. Here is to the heroes across the nation, around the globe and on 96th Terrace street. Hope today is yet another wonderful day!!

Amy said...

What a great day from start to finish! So glad that Mason made it to school and enjoyed the show.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Maverick!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband would like to know if Mason, Mavrick and Alley would like a ride on a harley davidson motorcyle. He and a few frineds would be more then happy to take your kids on ride if it's ok with you.

The Kempf Family said...

Thank you for the motorcycle ride offer. Their Uncle Ted has a Harley and Great Grandpa even. So I am so glad they had the experience to ride this summer. Maybe someday we can organize a ride to help cure DIPG or childhood cancer? Thanks so much. "Ride to Live, Live to Ride" Nothing like the sound of a Harley.