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Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Day...Bad Day

The weekend ended all too soon. We had a fabulous Saturday. We enjoyed spring like weather, and a campfire to end the evening. Around 3 a.m. Sunday Mason woke up with pain in the other leg. Not as severe; but painfully making sleep hard. Mason struggled all day Sunday with comfort. He only got up once to play a computer game. No matter how many times we turn the pillows, comfort is out of reach. Pain has started in his shoulder now too. On a side note, it seems the change in the weather seems to really bother him. We are back and forth between good days and bad. We pray today is a good day. Maverick and Ally are both feeling the pain. Maverick put it into perspective, "Mom, it is not just us with hurt, it is a lot of other people too."


Celeste said...

I love Maverick's quotes. He always sees a bigger picture than all of us. Thank you for sharing that. Please remember to be selfish at times during your most difficult struggles. Take time to rest, take time to chat with Eddie, take a moment to cry. Let's not forget to sleep in (especially with that pesky time change!) It will help you rejuvenate for the next round. We love you and your family, and pray each day not only for you, but for many who are suffering.

Misic Family said...

Well said Celeste! Hugs and prayers going out to you daily.

Melissa, Zoran, Aubrey, Zach and Zaylee

Anonymous said...

Mason looks like he is in deep thought toasting the marshmallow. A penny for his thought. Probably thinking of how unfair things are, and he would be so right. Take care of yourself and your kids, you are doing an amazing job.

Your friend

Anonymous said...

Sending all our love and hugs your way! Aunt Ginny and Uncle Steve

Anonymous said...

Oh dear ones take care all of you and prayers for the journey......

Amy said...

Sending good thoughts from sunny Arizona. I hear it snowed there today. So sorry about Mason's discomfort. Maverick is a very caring person, you must be proud of his sensitivity to others.