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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shamrock Smiles

It is quiet... let me introduce our new friend, the Kiwi from New Zealand. Did you know the Kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand? We had fun researching facts about this flightless bird. A true friend is always there. That saying means so much to us...thank you all our new and old true friends for being there from around the world to right next door.

I was glad to call it a night; as my heart kept sinking. Maybe it was the fall Mason took yesterday afternoon. Or the fact that I could do nothing right. Mason admitted his anger with me. I made him angry. Last night dad and Maverick left for guitar lessons. Mason and I watched American Idol while Ally served popcorn and lemonade. Mason tossed and turned and fidgeted. I wanted nothing but his comfort and proceeded with too many questions as he replied with "uh" sounds. There were more tears than smiles as he grew more and more frustrated. He closed his eyes for awhile until dad and Maverick returned. Emotional drained, I tried to hold back tears when Maverick returned home and strummed a new song on his guitar. Tomorrow, I mean today is a new day... Mason already has a grocery list for me. Some new cravings and some the same, carrots and ranch dip, Frosted Mini Wheats, Reese's Puffs and Chex Mix. And everyday a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. Shamrock Smiles! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for keeping us in our prayers. As we end each night with the Lord's Prayer and Ally adding , "I love you God" It is quiet, but every once in a while I hear a little sound from Mason, something new, a new echo of concern. That same sound that woke me, hoping he is dreaming of Shamrock shakes.

Mason woke with a smile as I was typing this at 2:30, we had a pow wow and shared a laugh as we drifted back to dream land. But at 5:13 a.m., Mason woke with a pain in his leg. Apparently his knee is bruised from yesterday's fall? Who knows? He wailed in pain for 15 minutes and now is watching morning cartoons after some Tylenol. My energy is zapped, hoping for rays of sunshine today. Mason talked about going to Maverick's open house tonight at school. We shall see how the day turns...


Amy said...

Sorry to hear of your rough evening and then sleepless night. The weatherman says today will be a lovely day, warm and sunny. I hope you and Mason will be able to enjoy that, even it it means just resting on the patio, soaking in the rays. I bet shopping for all of Mason's favorite eats is a pleasure for you...and then for him when he sees the bounty you have brought home! I wish you all a quiet and peaceful day. loves and hugs,

Brandie said...

Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts. You are such an incredbile mom. Hugs and love your way.

KT said...

I hope today is a good day. Sending warm thoughts your way. The crocus are showing their sweet faces and spring almost here. We are thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy. Take a nice rest on the porch today, soak in some rays, and remember you are doing an excellent job. All the things that you do each day with your children amazes me. Tack in chores (extra ones none the less), the homework, and the countless other things you have that we don't and I cannot tell you what a super mom you are. You deserve the rest on the porch today--take it. Just 15 mins!

Anonymous said...

Conserve your strength, let the anger roll over you and evaporate, it is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Hope today brings you peace and relaxation. Enjoy the sunshine with Mason today. We hope to see you guys at school tonight for the "BIG SHOW". Thoughts and prayers coming your way:)


Meryl Jefferson said...

Hi, Mason has been on my mind today so I wanted to check in and say hello from myself and the boys and girls in my class. Please give Mason a hug from us and let him know we care about him. Love Always, Meryl Jefferson (Manatee Bay Elementary)