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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring break

Spring break has officially started.

Mason and Maverick played video games. Dad moved the Wii game upstairs as Mason no longer can make it downstairs. Mason even napped for part of the morning. As the sunshine brought thoughts of spring, I actually got a chance to rake the yard. Ally pranced around the yard with her pretend flowers and even hugged her birthday tree, as it is full of buds. We all had a McDonalds picnic outside, complete with Shamrock shake. Mason's leg cramped after a round of Uno Attack. So back inside until dad got home for pizza and a campfire. What a quiet peaceful evening. Overall, Mason had a good day; besides fighting comfort. He has a very hard time sitting up or moving once he is laying down. It hurts when mom lifts him; we search for comfort. To my surprise he is up walking around more without the walker. He is very particular if he sees a Wii remote, it has to be put away. We cherish those smiles and laughs that crept in today. We laughed as Maverick attempted to teach Rex new tricks. Below are pictures from last March. I was curious what we did last spring break. Our main event was a garage sale. There are no pictures from last spring break so I thought I'd share pictures of last March. The weather can change in an instant in Kansas. To my surprise, the picture on the main page of the blog was snapped March 27 of 2010. You never know what tomorrow will bring, cherish each day.
And for Easter eggs; Mason-Green, Maverick-Blue and Ally-Purple.

March 9, 2010 Look at the big smile as Mason asked to be buried in the sand.

March 20 brought SNOW, nothing like sharing a snowball with sister.

March 27, just being a kid...

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Brandie said...

Thank you for teaching me to cherish every day. I have learned so much through your eyes and your words. I feel like my kids have a better mom now because you have taught me to let go of little things that just don't matter in life. To focus on the big picture. I pray for a day of more smiles and comfort for you all. You are such an amazing family and an incredbile mom. Love you guys!!!