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Monday, August 1, 2011

startled bliss

So I am wide awake this morning. Sleep unwanted and a nuisance. I hunger for dawn, as I crave sunlight.
Yesterday, I was blessed with an unexplainable joy. I woke up with a smile, giggling as my insides burst with happiness. Church energized and uplifted, but it was almost an overload. Where is all this energy coming from? It was strange and so awkward, how do I control this abundance of happiness? The world tilted in a new direction throwing everything off balance, it was almost a disturbance. But I treasured and savored every ounce of joy; feeling drunk in its presence. Happiness poured out of me like a waterfall. Maybe even more so like a fountain of Merlot, even though I prefer Cabaret Sauvignon.
Thankful for a day of pure bliss, yet so startled by its existence....
Maybe it's the body's way to tackle grief. Maybe I just need to embrace the gift. Maybe it's my hug from heaven.
It's o.k. to be happy, it is o.k.
We are a vessel learning to swim through waves of deception. Emotions floating in a bottle.

God continues to guide us with His amazing powers. I am thankful for friendships he has strengthened and introduced. Here's to the beginning of a new week, a new day, an open door and startled bliss.


Anonymous said...

this post made me smile - mason would be so glad that you are happy! it is DEFINITELY okay. who knows - maybe he sent an angel down just for you to brighten your day.

Oline said...

You needed a "hug from Heaven" and I believe that one big hug was delivered. God does work in wonderful and mysterious ways. Just enjoy the "overload" of drunken happiness and know that you and your beautiful family are in our prayers and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Yea for happy days!! You are right - it is okay! More than okay. It is God's gift to you and your family. Mason taught you (and so many others) how to find something happy in even the hard days. I think he would be proud of you and your happy day!

Brandie said...

Hoping today is just as blissed! Hugs!!!!

KT said...

So glad to hear smiles in your writing! :) Here's to more happy days.