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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School

Yesterday was the first day of school. It was a hard "first" for us, as we all remember how much Mason loved school. Go ahead scroll down and look at the picture of Mason with Rex, that was the first day of school last year. He loved school. The above picture is Mason's first day of kindergarten, there was nothing holding him back. He was like Superman, full speed ahead!! Just ahead the crosswalk where Mason, a third grader, stopped and told me, "Mom I have double vision" Upon explanation he said, "I can see 2 stop signs." The same crosswalk, we crossed and headed home after visiting the school nurse.

Yesterday as we headed to school, I tagged along with Maverick for the first day. Rain fell from the sky, it felt refreshing on our heads, and the dark skies seemed to match our moods. There was a cold sting that hit my heart as I glanced ahead to the crosswalk. We walked across so naturally as we have so many times before. Maverick, a fourth grader, and sister Ally, a soon to be preschooler. There was a tiger following our footprints; we will always remember our forever fourth grader as we venture to a new school year.

I was overjoyed to hear Maverick had a great first day. He proudly wore a Tiger shirt. Today he hopped on his bike and rode off to school, full speed ahead.


Anonymous said...

These days of "firsts" without Mason must be very very hard. Your courage and strength continue to amaze me. You are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers. Thanks for continuing to post.

Anonymous said...

I saw you and the kids walking to school. Todd and I both said a silent prayer for you. I remembered you telling me how hard the first day of school was going to be and I am so glad that you made it through. Because you are such an amazing woman and Eddie is such an awesome man you make incredible parents. You can and will make it through all these 'firsts'. Remember to take it one day at a time. If that is too over whelming take it one hour at a time. And that too can be overwhelming then take it one minute at a time. And believe it or not there are times we feel like 60 sec will never come to and end. When those times come, they do and will cont to do so call on us, your friends. And we will be there for you.

Kim and the Brood

PS Always looking for an excuse to sit out at the Man Bar!