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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My list and beautiful creations

So I have been going stir crazy, always thinking, what's next? And I wonder why my kids can't sit still. Well, every time emptiness closes in, I want to do something about it!!!! So I make a list.

Not a grocery list or a honey to do list. Those are on the fridge. An inspired list. Mason use to make lists. He wrote lists of the games he played, grocery lists, etc.
Mason's last note... a grocery list. He knew he didn't have to write ice cream, that was a given.

What I wouldn't give for a Mason list today. Instead I imagine lists and carry them in my heart. After all, I was told recently, the loss of a child is a loss of your future.

My inspired lists consist of ideas to help spread awareness of childhood cancer. I can still hear Mason whisper his dream to help find a CURE!! The helplessness inside me will never go away.
Ideas constantly flow through my mind. As we pray daily for children that are currently battling or families that have too lost their loved ones.
September is Childhood Cancer awareness month. It needs much more ATTENTION!!

It is still adventure week for Maverick and Ally, as we have 13 more days left until school. Unfortunately, yesterday Maverick rested all day from a stomach bug. Ally was content painting a blue flamingo, a Big black spider, and various art designs, see the beautiful creations below. Reminds me of our visit to Kaleidoscope. The huge banner above cried out to us...Life is a special occasion. In just five words, a smile.

The summer heat traps us inside again, today's forecast, record breaking highs 105-108. But with a paintbrush, some imagination and a simple scoop of ice cream; we'll be o.k.


"The Bad Guy"

"BIG black Spider" (trust me he is there)

"Tiger and Butterfly"

1 comment:

Deanna said...

Thank you for sharing Ally's beautiful artwork! And Mason's grocery list was special....I continue to enjoy your beautiful writings.