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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Darth Vader in the ocean...

Darth Vader is breathing down my neck. Strength does not come easy these days. If life were a Dreamworks movie; I could focus like Kung Fu Panda. If it only could be that easy. There is no Easy button.

Mason had such a uniqueness about him, the ability to calm. I miss the balance in our household, I miss everything. Life is such a mystery. There are so many examples each day to live, laugh and love. Three simple words when the world feels so against.

I won't go in to detail but; I will be honest, smiles are hard. There is turmoil within our fortress. We remember your strength Mason. There are times in life when the tide pulls us under and it seems there is no escape. Mason, I think of you every time the waves are out of control. Your brother needs you. Your sister needs you. I need you. We all need you. So what do we when Darth Vader joins us for a swim? We do the best we can.

We move forward today, thinking of you in the days to come. Remembering Mason this Sunday as we participate in the Head for the Cure, smiling with pride at our Team this year. Hope embrace us as we fight for a cure. We remember you, our hero in life's battle. Light the way to a brighter tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Andria, you and your precious family will prevail. You will get through this awful "first year". You already know that you all will be different people than you would have been. How could you not change in response to such an experience? But, having faced the worst, you will all have a courage that is earned and will serve you well as you move forward. Take comfort where you can and believe in a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

May God give you strengh in these turbulent times! Hold on to one another and your faith! Your family is always in our prayers! Isaiah's mom