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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love is the only gold

Wow!! What an Extremely awesome volunteer experience!! It was amazing beyond words. There was an abundance of volunteers, not that many raised their hands to digging in the dirt and rolling sod. Eddie was the first and my hand automatically followed his lead. At first, I thought I must be crazy! We were the Sod Team! We have a new respect for those with landscaping jobs. We spent our entire 7 hour shift, tucking, lifting, rolling sod and filling in patches with our hands and knees in the dirt. We also hauled plants and bushes, amazed at how quickly the yard transformed in to pure beauty. Eddie and I even got to help the fire department water. The ground was so dry, and the fire dept kicked in as the sprinkler system was still in the works. And although we missed seeing Ty and the crew, we had a job to do. Our hearts were overjoyed from our experience. Mason you have taught us important values to forever carry in our hearts. Compassion runs through our veins. As we drifted off to sleep last night, Eddie and I chuckled, all we could see was grass!

Wow again!!! Here's to you for making our hearts smile. A special thank you to our Make a Difference for Mason Team. Thanks to everyone that has signed up for the Head for the Cure 5K and those that are volunteering. We have a team of 45, growing stronger every day. Details can be found at the side of the blog; team entry fee increases August 12.
I feel strengthened as Mason smiles from above. He is watching the love spread. The love that makes our hearts sing. The love that makes us who we are. Feeling uplifted as his spirit energizes me daily.

Last night a quote from Facebook, "Love is the only gold." What a quote to describe our day. Our new sense of direction. My mind immediately shifts to a dream I had months ago. In my dream I opened a treasure chest with one word inside, "Love".
Today, our treasure chest is open to share with all.
Love is the only gold." - Alfred Lord Tennyson


Deanna said...

I would have to repeat your sentiments exactly, "WOW"! So proud of you both! You are awesome and I am so fortunate to know you and your family. Thank you, Mason!

Brandie said...

Reading this with tears in my eyes. You guys are so amazing- always making Mason's story known by your kindness and strength. You are incredible Kempf Family! Truly! Always keeping him in our hearts. EVERY day! He continues to teach all of us, you do too. Have a wonderful night! Hugs and love to you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a small sign from Grams house that says "GOD IS LOVE"...I will keep it FOREVER and always think of her